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Event Schedule


International retailing marketing and environment building

Commercial designing has become an effective tool to improve consumer experience. Famous designers from France, Netherlands and the United States will get together with domestic designers, presenting and sharing the latest commercial designing trend and ideas.

Standardization of Supply Chain & Cooperation of suppliers and retailers

Speakers from SPAR (China), Walmart, McDonald’s, Yum, Mondelēz, Jiajiayue, Datalogic will talk about their supply chain construction experience, helping enterprises to improve their logistics level and promoting the industrial sustainable development.

Building the core operation competence for regional chain enterprise

The conference will discuss the enterprises’ brand orientation, adopting modern management and operational methods, help the reginal chain enterprises to build their core competences.

Retailing + Catering = ?

Catering industry has become a magic weapon for retailers to improving their performance. The forum of ‘Retailing + Catering = ?’ will focus on cross-border cooperation between retailing and catering, several masters from these two domains will participate in this forum.

Overseas and Featured Commodities Matchmaking

Representatives from Korea, Singapore, France , Canada and other associations, hundreds of overseas and feature commodity companies attend CHINASHOP in Chongqing, and discuss the overseas purchasing, logistics, storage and other topics that suppliers and distributors concern.