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Exhibitor Range


01 Brand retailing zone

Department stores, convenience stores, specialty stores, supermarkets, shopping malls, online retail and unmanned stores, and other retail enterprises that ranked in China retail top 100 and FMCG top 100

02 Commercial displaying and designing zone

Shelves, display equipment, store design, shopping trolleys/baskets, POP display, lighting devices, logo & signs, etc.

03 Cold-chain and temperature controlling zone

Refrigerated trucks, terminal freezers, energy control technology, ice machines, storage equipment, trays, cage vehicles, coding systems, refrigerants, etc.

04 Fresh food processing zone

Commercial kitchen equipment, preservation materials, packaging equipment, labeling equipment, weighing & sorting equipment, quality detection & certification, etc.

05 Intelligent IT zone

Payment systems and equipment, automatic identification technology, weighing technology, security technology, printers, membership management systems, electronic shelf labels, electronic signage, data analysis systems, promotional systems, supply chain systems, etc.

06 Characteristic commodities zone

Electronic consumer products, packaged food, beverages, agricultural products, alcohol, condiments, fresh products, organic food, etc.