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Exhibitor PROFILE

Company: Suzhou Mr. Boss Software Co., Ltd

Country: CHINA

Booth No:

Products: POS management software, customized software suit, purchase-sale-inventory software, ERP manufacturing software, WeChat Sales software, all-in-one chain ERP software etc.

About Company:

Suzhou Mr. Boss Software Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the company) is an enterprise that has been engaged in developing business management software. Its software offerings cover a full array of all-around, high-level and well-established business spectrum that can meet with different corporate clients’ individualized needs, ranging from synergetic management, management consultancy and project implementation to upskilling and after-sales service. So far, the company has reinforced software knowledge data base, good business partnership and strong development abilities, as well as created a new innovation management system, whereby increasing its market competitive edges. With “Mr. Shopkeeper” as its registered brand, the company has successfully developed a full series of software for various industries to conduct business management, covering logistics, manufacturing, catering, franchise chain and WeChat e-commerce.

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