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Exhibitor PROFILE

Company: Fujian Huiye Food Group Co., Ltd

Country: CHINA

Booth No: 2246

Products: Huiye organic series products, Juweida selected series products, bottled series products

About Company:

With “providing safe yet healthy farm products of high quality for the public” as its mission, Fujian Huiye Food Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the company) has been steadfast in practicing its commitment, keeping abreast of times constantly, as well as taking initiative of conquering challenges continuously, thereby gradually growing up into a modern yet new-type agricultural enterprise with integration of the entire process ranging from planting, research, development, manufacture, product packaging and channel distribution ever since 2000.

With approximately 2,682 acres of farming base for organic grains and annual cumulative sales of 450 million CNY, the company has been committed to offering premium quality and fair pricing in terms of both products and services. In guarantee of all the products reaching up to the optimal level of safety and quality before delivery, the company’s quality control work, with the relevant regulations as supplement of executive management, adopts the operational plans related to every single step ranging from screening and acceptance of raw materials to the production and delivery of finished products. Aside from examination conducted by the company’s own testing center, the products by the company pass through the Chinese national organic food certification or the examination by the third-party detection institution such as PONY.

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