It's All about Retail
Nov. 18th-20th,Shanghai, China

Exhibitor PROFILE

Company: Guizhou Hongcai Cili Marketing Co., Ltd

Country: CHINA

Booth No: 2412

Products: Beverages, lozenges, oral solution and preserved fruits made out of Roxburgh Rose fruit.

About Company:

Focused on the promotion and merchandising of the products with Ciliwang as brand, Guizhou Hongcai Cili Marketing Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the company) has reached long-term strategic cooperation with numerous first-class planning, consulting and media companies in China. Currently, the company enjoys an ace merchandising team with its products synchronously promoted and merchandised through online and offline channels. The products by the company for sale include beverages, lozenges, oral solution and preserved fruits that are all branded as Ciliwang, covering 20-odd types.

When it comes to the brand Ciliwang, it is necessary to talk about Rosa Roxburghii also called Roxburgh Rose fruit. With instantaneous sterilization by high temperature, degassing treatment technology and globally advanced yet non-additive juice manufacturing techniques adopted, the fruit juice is produced into a healthy yet nutritious kind of beverage, suitable for everyone regardless of their age groups. In addition, there are 10-odd products of extension under the brand of Ciliwang, for instance, preserved fruit, lozenges, oral solution and facial masks made out of Roxburgh Rose fruit, aimed at presenting consumers with the super-duper nutritious value of Roxburgh Rose fruit in multiple fashions.