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Exhibitor PROFILE

Company: Jiangsu Leadion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Country: CHINA

Booth No: 4028

Products: Automated equipment respectively for packaging, weighing, picking, home textile, as well as stuff filling for down jackets and cotton jackets; solutions to intelligent manufacture and management.

About Company:

With Jiangsu Bealead Software Co., Ltd as its predecessor, Jiangsu Leadion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the company), based on reorganizing the resources of Changshu Bealead Automatic Machinery Co., Ltd and Suzhou Bealead Feather Down Products Co., Ltd, has integrated the traditional industries with automation and IOT technology. Via innovating and optimizing automatic equipment constantly, the company is committed to helping its clients enhance production efficiency, reduce labor cost, improve the quality of their products, forge sustainable yet competitive strengths, and provide strong guarantee for the achievement of “smart factories” plus “smart production”. Up to now, the company has achieved 29 software copyrights, 8 invention patents, 43 utility model patents and 5 design patents.

Currently, the complete set of automated equipment system by the company includes the integration of automatic weighing and feather filling systems, the integration of automatic goods delivering and packaging systems, the integration of automatic folding systems for home textile, as well as factory management plan of high efficiency. For instance, the integrative systems by the company can help apparel enterprises lower production cost and improve production efficiency by means of analysis on the crafts for garment manufacture, as well as scientific yet reasonable calculation on the requirements for raw materials, labor work and equipment; in addition, RFID technology by the company is able to acquire real-time information about production lines and workers’ performance, thus, helping its clients manage their employees, balance production lines and improve efficiency of managing factories.

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