It's All about Retail

Exhibitor PROFILE

Company: Guangdong Jinlisheng Display Equipment Co., Ltd

Country: CHINA

Booth No: 5015

Products: Display racks, bar counter sets, checkout counters and island display shelves for convenience stores, pharmacies, supermarkets, infant & maternal supplies shops, stationers and bookstores.

About Company:

Reliant on experience accumulated over 20-odd years, Guangdong Jinlisheng Display Equipment Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the company) is focused on manufacturing complete set of merchandising display facilities for retail entities, and aimed at facilitating clients’ sales performance. As a display props supplier concentrated on serving brand stores, the company provides all-around services, ranging from spatial design and display props design & production to door-to-door measurement, logistics distribution, as well as installation & maintenance.

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