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Beijing Union Exhibition Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to the company) curates and organizes CHINASHOP. The event organizer is committed to carrying on confidential policies for its clients, partners and service suppliers. In guarantee of protecting individual and corporate information, the company sets forth the policies as described below.

1. Compliance with Laws, Policies, Stipulations, Rules and Regulations

The company complies with all Chinese national laws, policies, stipulations, rules and regulations in relation with protection of individual and corporate information.

2. Establishment and Improvement on Security of Individual and Corporate Information

TThe requirements for protecting individual and corporate information are thoroughly implemented in-house, from senior management down to junior employment. The company sticks to and carries on principles for proper protection and utilization of individual and corporate information. Additionally, the company strives to improve the principles on a continuing basis.

3. Access to, Utilization and Release of Individual and Corporate Information

The company clearly states purposes of utilizing individual and corporate information. Only with the consent of the person or corporate representative concerned can the company acquire, utilize and release individual and corporate information.

4. Secure Management

The company strives to guarantee security of individual and corporate information, and has made necessary precautions in case of unauthorized data access, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage.

5. Disclosure and Amendment

Prior to the requestor’s identity well confirmed, any request for disclosure, editing or deletion of individual and corporate information shall not be handled on a case-by-case basis. *For any doubts concerning individual or corporate data, please reach the company’s General Affairs Department.

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