It's All about Retail

“4D Well-Honed Operations for SPM” Salon

Targeting at the retailers with their footholds rooted in the second, third and fourth-tier cities nationwide, THE FORUM in salon style, co-hosted by CHAOSHI168.COM and CHINASHOP, will focus on regional retail business operations to deliver holistically integrated and finely honed solutions, and unfold how to put the solutions of business operational projects into place. With the emphasis on how to create a national platform for retail businesses as well as enhance corporate competence at developing private labels and joint-sourcing of high-quality products, the sharing contents at the forum are aimed at conveying how to achieve authentic integration & utilization of national retail resources, and ultimately establishing a resources sharing hub for small-to-medium retail enterprises in China.


(10:00-11:30 a.m.)        Lecture & Case on 4D Well-Honed Operations

Jun ZHANG                  Founder, 4D Well-Honed Business Operations for SPM

(11:30-11:45 a.m.)        Case Sharing: A Double-Digit Profit Increase YOY by Finely Honed Operations

Zhefeng XIONG           General Manager, Shandong Meiming Group

(11:45-12:00 at noon)  Case Sharing: A SKU 50-Fold Up in Sales Volume, Know-How of Hot Sell

Zhi LI                             CEO, Shandong AOLIXIN Supermarket Chain Corporation

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