It's All about Retail
Nov. 7-9th,Qingdao, China

2nd International Retail & Marketing Forum

For retailing enterprises, the mainstream of future designs is not merely in such the physical facades as the commercial displays and the layouts of shop-based environment but in the advancement of “soft power” such as shopping experience and customer-oriented services. We have been always in hope that our respective stores can touch the buttons of consumers’ hearts at certain moments and in certain scenes to trigger their desires for shopping; however, we hardly realize that the trend of future commercial designs ask for the organic combination of physical space and soft services. That is to say, a series of designs on commercial entities, shopping experience and services will form into an integrative composition, enabling the consumers to naturally comply with merchants’ elaborate arrangements, to fully enjoy the holistic ambience of commercial entities and to spontaneously seek for the enjoyment of shopping, from their very first entry into storefront.

This year, CHINASHOP will once more form powerful alliance with POPAI to create an international retail forum of upgraded version. In the duration of the forum will be 14 senior lecturers in the industry from 9 different countries making 12 sessions of brilliant speech, ranging from visual designs and shopping experience-based designs to service and behavior-based designs to re-define the retail designs.


Designs on Commercial Entities10:00 a.m.-12:00 at noon on Nov. 1st (Thu.)

Designs on Shopping Experience10:30 a.m.-12:30 at noon on Nov. 2nd (Fri.)

Designs on Services13:30 p.m.-15:30 p.m. on Nov. 2nd (Fri.)

Directory of Lecturers

David Plante, Director of Consumer & Marketplace Insights, Target (USA)

Richard Nicoll, Chief Shopper Marketing Officer, Publicis Groupe (UK)

Leo van de Polder, Global Development Director, Shop! (Netherlands)

Roberto Martignone, Senior Interior Architectural Designer, New Crazy Colors (Italy)

Cheryl Campbell, Senior Manager, Marketplace Insights, Target (USA)

Petr Simek, Managing Director, WELLEN (Czech)

Emmanuel THIEDOT, Vice President Operation, LF Beauty (France)

William Mark, Senior Vice President for North Asia Region, LF Beauty (Malaysia)

Damon Frank Giannoccaro, Chief Creative Officer, Orange Branding (Italy)

Christophe Renoul, Sales Director, Malherbe Design (France)

Kitazato Fuyumi, Vice Chair, Asia-Pacific Vending Industry Association (Japan)

Angela Chung, Founder, Display Community (China)

Biao Yuan, General Manager, Youshi Design (China)

Li Tang, Chief Designer, Sanxiong Lighting (China)

Mystery Guest from Procter & Gamble