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Exchange Seminar by CCFA on Green Operations for Retail Industry

In the course of carrying forward sustainable development, CCFA has been attaching more importance to propelling the application of green cryogenic technology in retail business format-supermarket, and facilitating the effective implementation by retail enterprises in conserving energy & protecting environment. The exchange seminar will share the optimal demonstration cases of corporate practices on green & low-carbon refrigeration technologies & relevant applications, introduce trends in adaptation to climate changes and action to mitigate the changes, and conduct face-to-face exchange about the demands for the maintenance training on industry refrigerating systems. Synchronously, with FECO’s support, Guide on Operating Refrigerants for Supermarkets is to be released and “Exemplary Stores of Managing Refrigerants Well” Certificates will be issued at the site.

A cluster exhibiting space (composed of Hall # N1) named as National Commercial Cold Chain makes its debut at CHINASHOP. The special exhibiting space is favored by FECO and GIZ.


(13:00-13:15 p.m.)   Action & Exercises for the Chinese Enterprises to Fulfill in Favor of Climate

Peidan YANG           Director, C Team

(13:15-13:30 p.m.)   Insights into Policies & Stipulations on Applying Green Refrigerants

Xue HUA                   Project Officer, FECO

(13:30-13:45 p.m.)   Global Trend of Applying Natural Refrigerants to Cryogenic Systems

Yin WANG                Delegate, GIZ

(13:45-14:05 p.m.)   Gains on “Applying Natural Refrigerants to SPM” Exemplary Project

Qi LU                        Facilities Manager, Beijing CSF Market Co., Ltd

(14:05-14:35 p.m.)   International Retail Enterprises’ Action & Commitment to Climate Change

Jian LIN                    General Manger in Facilities Management Department, Metro (China)

(14:35-14:50 p.m.)  Solutions of Intelligent Products by Bitzer

Ke ZHANG               Applied Tech Manager, Bitzer Refrigeration Technology (China) Co., Ltd

(14:50-15:05 p.m.)   Integrated IoT Solutions of A/C & Refrigeration to All-Retail Formats

Li CHENG                 Marketing Manager, CAREL Electronic (Suzhou) Co., Ltd

(15:05-15:20 p.m.)   Release Guide on Operating Refrigerants for Supermarkets and Issue “Exemplary Stores of Managing Refrigerants Well” Certificates

(15:30-16:00 p.m.)   Interactive Communication plus Q&A

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