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Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

Partition storage is an important factor in consumers’ purchase of refrigerators


Recently, the 2018 China Refrigerator Industry Summit Forum, hosted by the China Household Electrical Appliances Association and the Information and Industry Development Department of the National Information Center and hosted by China National Grid, was held in Beijing. Haier, Hisense, Rongsheng, Meiling, Casa Di, Konka, TCL, Siemens refrigerators, Wanbao and other mainstream refrigerator brand enterprises and forum strategic partners Jingdong home appliances gathered together to jointly sort out the industrial situation and consumption trends, and explore new powers for future market development.
The amount of stability is raised to the normal state, and the enterprise cultivates internal strength.
Avi Cloud (AVC) omnichannel data shows that in 2017, the national retail sales of refrigerators was 33.76 million units, down 0.6% year-on-year, and retail sales was 93.9 billion yuan, up 3.9% year-on-year. This is the first time in the past four years, the retail sales of the refrigerator market has achieved positive growth for the first time.
In 2018, the refrigerator market continued the "new normal" of steady growth. Ouwei Clouds omni-channel data shows that from January to April 2018, the retail volume of Chinas refrigerator market was 9.2 million units, down 3.2% year-on-year, and retail sales was 28.1 billion yuan, up 5.0% year-on-year. In the recent survey of China National Grid, most refrigerator companies expressed cautious optimism about the 2018 refrigerator market.
"On the one hand, the market environment remains relatively stable, and on the other hand, the consumption upgrade dividend is continuously released." Zou Wenhui, general manager of Meilings domestic marketing division, believes that although unfavorable factors such as rising raw material prices and real estate regulation still exist, Under the support of factors such as product replacement and continuous optimization of product structure, the refrigerator market in 2018 is still promising.
"Whether it is increasing or decreasing, the sales volume of the domestic refrigerator market will not change much, and the growth trend of sales is relatively certain." Wang Xianju, general manager of TCL White Appliances Division said.
Product structure optimization, return to fresh-keeping function
In recent years, with the increase of national disposable income and the expansion of the middle class and young consumer power, household appliance consumption has changed from universal consumption to improved consumption, healthy preservation, large capacity, intelligence, air cooling, frequency conversion, and beautiful appearance. Mid- to high-end refrigerator products continue to be popular. "Storage in the refrigerator is no longer limited to fish, fruits and vegetables, womens masks, mens tea, old peoples medicines and other storage needs, providing a new development path for the refrigerator industry." Many refrigerator companies believe that partition storage Fresh has gradually become an important decision factor for consumers to purchase refrigerator products.
In fact, after a variety of differentiated selling points took turns, the technology and design of the sleek technology used to slow down the sales of refrigerators, and companies have returned to the essence of refrigerator products to innovate and upgrade the preservation technology.
For example, Haier full-space fresh-keeping refrigerator is equipped with the first fine-control micro-channel technology and intelligent constant temperature technology; Meiling M fresh-keeping refrigerator uses water molecules to activate fresh-keeping technology, which can solve the traditional refrigerator fresh-keeping time, thawing blood and water, poor bagging and other consumption. Pain point; for the evolution of smart selling point and the strong return of fresh selling point, Zou Wenhui, general manager of Meiling Refrigerator, said that intelligent home appliances is a major trend in the industry, but the experience of smart refrigerator scenes needs to overcome some obstacles, and the return of fresh selling points is justified. Time.