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Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

After 90, I am keen on the brand with "attitude"

 In recent years, "consumption upgrade" has become a high-frequency term for the Internet, and the heat has been increasing. The original vague concept of “consumption upgrade” has gradually become clear. The phenomenon of “little town youth” and “experience is king” has become a key factor affecting the market strategy of many merchants. The reason for this phenomenon is not only related to the improvement of peoples material level and the change of consumption concept, but also to the changes in the main forces of market consumption.

Some reports predict that by 2020, the proportion of the new generation will reach 29.5% after 80/90, and will contribute 53% of consumption, and their consumption power will increase by 14% per year, the previous generation. 2 times, but in the process after 90, the performance after the 80 will be more eye-catching. At the same time, this years "May 1" small holiday outbound travel report released by Alipay also pointed out that after the number of outings in the 1990s has exceeded 80, it has become the main force of overseas consumption. All kinds of data show that consumption power is rising after the 90s and has become a market force that cannot be ignored.
When the post-90s showed unlimited consumption potential in many industries, their consumption concept naturally became the research topic of many merchants. A survey report on the post-90s consumption concept shows that “the brand that is keen on attitudes”, “thinking about new things”, “willing to pay for happiness” and so on have become the key words of the post-90s group consumption, affecting their shopping. The choice of time.
At the same time, the report also shows that after 90s, the brand has its own unique understanding, and more than 60% of the 90s believe that the brand must have its own independent attitude. Based on this, the post-90s gave their own reasons. They believed that the brands attitude is to make the brand more textured, more specific and closer to life, so they are more willing to pay as consumers; meanwhile, 90 After the favor of new products and new things is also enthusiastic, more than 52% of the 90s said they are very willing to try new products, only 14% of the 90 are not willing to do so.
It is worth mentioning that in the post-90s consumer preferences, “high face value” has become a part that cannot be ignored. This includes the focus on the value of the face after 90 and the expectation of the value of the product. The most direct example is that with the rise of social networks, they are often more willing to reap the “likes” of friends or fans through self-portrait photos, good photos, and beautiful P pictures. Under the combined effect of this kind of psychology and higher marginal propensity to consume, they are spending more and more around the value of the face.
In addition, after the 90s, as a generally well-educated generation, there is a more distinct and self-assertion. Under the influence of the "companional growth" of the Internet, the perception of Western openness after the 90s is also distinct from the previous generation. They will not blindly deny the "fresh" view, but "go to the dross and take the essence." For example, in dealing with the sexes, compared with 70/80, the post-90s view will be more open, diverse, and more willing to try sex toys. The double eleven consumption data released by a sex toy e-commerce shows that the user group with the highest frequency of shopping on the platform is the 19- to 26-year-old user group. After 90, it became the main force of the platforms double eleven sweeping group.
At the same time, after 90 years, they are experiencing important stages of life such as marriage, pregnancy, and career. After putting on the coat of “society”, their demand for sex toys is even more impressive.
There is no doubt that after the 90s, when buying sex toys, it is no different from the consumption concept in other fields. They will be biased towards the "attitude" brand and like the "high value, high quality" products. Looking at the current sex toys market, Internet fun brands such as Netease Spring Breeze, which is a literary and fresh style, seem to cater to the tastes of this group of future consumers.