It's All about Retail
Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

Test water new retail


According to Zhang Jianqiu, Yili is actively adapting to the new trend of retail development.
“Yili has integrated relevant resources on the offline line and vigorously promoted the development of e-commerce platforms, maternal and child stores, and unmanned convenience stores.” He said that Yili also focused on strengthening cooperation with retailers through the establishment of affiliate marketing. , retail e-commerce cooperation, etc. to provide consumers with a new consumer experience.
Yili also brought Jingdong to help him with his fist.
Zhang Jianqiu said: "In October last year, we and the Jingdong co-created the collaborative warehouse officially started operations. The front end of the collaborative warehouse docked Yilis various product divisions, coordinated the production of the enterprise on demand, the mid-end docking Jingdongs order system, and the back-end docking Jingdong The sorting system radiates the vast majority of consumers and greatly improves the distribution effect of Yili products. Now the fastest receiving speed of Yili products on e-commerce is reduced to within 3 hours after the order is placed."
In addition to the hands of Yili and Jingdong, the cooperation between Junlebao and Daily Fresh is also a model: On January 12 this year, Junlebao Dairy and Daily Excellent signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. The two sides stated that they will give full play to their respective advantages in the future and deepen cooperation in various fields in terms of channel expansion, product innovation and brand building. Obviously, Junlebao wants to use the emerging fresh e-commerce platform to attract more consumers. It is worth noting that Junlebao cooperates with daily fresh food, which is the first large-scale “electric shock” of Junlebao low-temperature yogurt.
In the new retail channel, Junlebao will take advantage of the daily fast and fast delivery, and use the speed-to-cold chain delivery service system to deliver the yogurt to the consumers within 2 hours. As a "net red product", there are a large number of consumers who enjoy pure yogurt. The daily fresh food is convenient for consumers to purchase and expand the sales for Junlebao, and it also expands its influence for itself.
Mengniu, who has always played the "Ely Chaser", seems to have taken a step faster than Erie in the new battlefield of new retail. In addition to the cooperation with Alibaba and Jingdong, Mengniu also began to test the "social e-commerce". This move is considered a pioneering move in the dairy industry – at the beginning of this year, Mengniu launched the “slow-burning” fiber milkshake milk, which is aimed at the increasingly popular weight management market and has been launched directly with consumers. The “one-on-one” new retail channel of communication exchanges with consumers in the way of social new retail, instead of being placed on the supermarket shelf, Mengniu is also “formally marching into” the micro-commercial circle.
At present, the slow-burning milkshake is mainly represented by two micro-business teams, one named “Cloud Age” and the other called “Suzhe International”. The sales of slow-burning milkshakes have exceeded 100 million yuan.