It's All about Retail
Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

The retail revolution has reached a new turning point


Retail development
Behind the retail revolution are the Internet giants, whose behavior is active, but the resulting chemical reactions are more dependent on traditional retail companies relying on the giants new tools, especially WeChat, to protect their lives.
The initiators of the retail revolution are often unconscious and not premeditated.
17 years ago, Yonghui Supermarket was a local supermarket in Fuzhou. At that time, Tencent’s QQ registered users just exceeded 100 million. While harvesting the first 100 million Chinese Internet products, Tencent also encountered the lowest point in the Internet. Later, Yonghui walked through department stores, supermarkets and chain stores three times, and became one of the first circulation enterprises in the mainland to introduce fresh agricultural products into modern supermarkets. Tencent was extended by socialization, gradually growing from a tree into a forest, and got the most important ticket for the mobile Internet - WeChat.
The two are constantly iterating along their respective logics, but in the past two years, the chemical reaction to smart retail between the two giants, which seem to be inaccessible to the Eight Diagrams, has become increasingly fierce. Recently, they teamed up with two smart retail benchmark stores, Yonghui Bravo Fuzhou Park Road Store, Super Species Shenzhen Venture Capital Store, and publicized the “Satellite Warehouse” of Yonghui Life in Fuzhou Base Camp. From the initial access to Tencents Internet product capabilities to deepening the application of the scene, to the current new model of service, the two originally did not intersect with the industry giants and became the initiator of the format change.
Whether it is Tencent and Yonghui, Wal-Mart, or Ali and Box Horse, RT-Mart, they are only discovering the way of innovation based on changes in the technical environment and consumer demand. This unconscious "union" is like a heartless opening, triggering a new wave of retail revolution.