It's All about Retail
Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

The giants have reached the turning point


From another dimension, it is not so much that the giant is leading the revolution, it is better to say that the giant has encountered a new crisis, and to overcome this crisis, it is necessary to find a new breakthrough. For the Internet giant, online dividends have subsided, and going down the line is the general trend. At the beginning of the development of the online platform, the power of the Internet broke the geographical restrictions, enjoyed the traffic dividend, and the customer cost was lower than the offline.
However, with the fierce competition in the online market, the traffic has become a trend of concentration. For new online merchants, the cost of customers has increased dramatically. The traditional advantage of breaking the information asymmetry in the online link is gradually drifting away, and the advantages of the offline physical link close to the consumer are re-emerged and become the new traffic portal.
On the other hand, after more than a decade of rapid growth in Chinas e-commerce, the growth rate has gradually declined. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, the growth rate of online retail sales in China dropped from 67.5% in 2012 to 26.2% in 2016. This is why Ali has raised the new retail to a strategic level.
For Tencent, e-commerce genes are relatively lacking, and opening up is a key word. Tencent has always been a connector role, connecting people, people and information, people and entertainment, but in business connections, Tencent has always needed an online and offline access to the entrance and bridge. Smart Retail has taken on this function, allowing Tencents WeChat public platform, WeChat payment, small programs, Tencent social advertising, Tencent Cloud, Enterprise WeChat, and Pan-Entertainment IP to be more than just online.