It's All about Retail
Nov. 7-9th,Qingdao, China

Supply chain challenges under the new retail revolution

Retail development

The new retail transformation reconstructs the three elements of people, goods and fields

Since the rise of e-commerce in the early 21st century, the entire retail format of China has undergone tremendous changes; for example, the three major components of people, goods and fields defined by “new retail” are undergoing comprehensive reconstruction and upgrading, which has also spawned New requirements for the supply chain system.


The impact and challenges of the new retail innovation on the supply chain are all-encompassing and will drive fundamental changes in all aspects of the supply chain. From our research, the traditional supply chain has obvious pain points in the face of new retail changes.

Based on feedback from the companies surveyed in the study, the issues listed above are quite universal. In particular, in terms of demand forecasting and distribution costs, nearly 70% of supply chain participants feel that the transformation pressure is very large.