It's All about Retail
Nov. 7-9th,Qingdao, China

Online and offline logistics system separation

Retail is about to begin

In the past, many traditional industry retailers used layer-by-layer distribution. In addition to some large distributors, they did not have data visibility to sub-distributors and stores. In addition, data from different channels and different regions within many enterprises has not yet been opened, and global coordination cannot be achieved. The online and offline separate logistics system brings a lot of extra costs and is increasingly becoming a challenge for brand owners.

Warehouse management
With the gradual increase in consumer demand for “timeliness”, the length of the supply chain has also been shortened, making the warehouse layout closer to the terminal, resulting in a number of new models such as front warehouses and store warehouses. However, the limited capacity of such pre-storage sites increases operational difficulty and cost, and channel integration and order fragmentation also challenge the management of traditional warehousing.