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Award-worthy product presentations – Point of purchase displays (by Nora Petig, sourced from iXtenso)

Today’s displays not only reflect the overall customer journey, but also focus on storytelling and digital elements.

Tie Case

Producer: STI Group

Design: Jan Maas

This classy and stylish tie case product display is designed to boost cross-selling of ties and pocket squares. Customers see the entire product line at a glance and get inspired to purchase more items.


After Eight Eurostar Display

Producer: DS Smith Packaging Erlensee/Fulda

Design: Jörg Dassow

The “After Eight“ Winter Edition wants to inspire customers with “Small Gifts For Precious Moments“ (Kleine Präsente für schöne Momente). The organized layout gives consumers easy access to products. The color and shape are striking and match the corporate identity design of the After Eight Company and the City of London.


HOM HVA Base Display Case 01/2019

Producer: THIMM Display GmbH

Design: Manfred Alt

Manfred Alt created a display that creates excellent brand recognition via shape and color. The compact shape makes it an ideal counter display for pharmacies to highlight new products. Added benefits of the display are its reduced use of materials and sustainability, as well as its longevity.


NKO Tower Natural Cosmetics dm

Producer: THIMM Display GmbH

Design: Sabrina Lüdemann

Standing tall at 140 centimeters, this display motivates customers to touch the products. Other benefits are the display’s high quality and long service life because it can accommodate seasonal designs. The well-thought-out product layout also supports the purchase of complementary products.


Snowman Charlie ESPRIT

Producer: STI Group

Design: Dirk Wolf

The three-dimensional cardboard snowman is an eye-catching storefront window display and a counterpoint to the winter season’s conventional mannequins. The display’s simple structure and an easy redesign of cardboard elements cause the snowman to melt over the course of the season, ultimately leaving only a puddle of water. The snowman display keeps shrinking like the prices continue to shrink over the course of the year. Since there is no text, the snowman can be easily adapted for international settings.


NIVEA Face Cussions + Cellular ReLaunch20

Producer: STI Group

Design: GVK

The innovative Nivea display invites customers to test its products. The manufacturer reports that millions of potential consumers were reached after the product launch. The display and the advertised product exude high quality thanks to the embedded silver foil box.




Design: Pellegrino Bruno

Street art is the notable feature of this display that was created for Penny. The unique color scheme, spray paint and lighting design catch the eye and reflect the lifestyle of the store site. An integrated monitor facilitates further advertising options. The custom implementation seeks to embody the vibe of the store’s neighborhood.


Got2b Color Display

Producer: DS Smith Packaging Erlensee

Design: Claudia Wandelt

The display’s powerful colors and unique design grab the customer’s attention. Retailers can present products in ways to get them noticed. The corrugated cardboard display is very stable, yet easy to recycle. Retailers can place entire product trays in the display, thus eliminating the need to unpack individual items and allowing for a faster restocking process.


Turtle Beach Kiosk Display

Producer: Cornehl GmbH/K3 Kunststoffe

Design: Cornehl GmbH/K3 Kunststoffe

Customers need to experience products like headphones. Sound performance and comfort are essential to prompt a sale. The display by Cornehl GmbH is designed to make this possible. The rear screen, touch display, and digital fact tags are standout features. Apart from being a visual merchandising element, this innovative display also acts as a digital consultant and consumer decision-making tool.


Weleda Winter Concept 2018

Producer: STI Group

Design: Claudia Krug, Katharina Vollmöller, Diana Laupus

The designer team focused on emotions and the overall customer journey when it conceived the seasonal display for Weleda. The combination of pre-sale, sale and after-sale creates an effective customer journey. The sales success was a testament to the winning concept. The advent calendars already sold out in November.