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Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

UNIQUE PICKLE PACKAGING STACKS UP AT RETAIL (By Jenni Spinner in Packaging Design, excerpted from PACKAGING DIGEST)

Refrigerated pickle maker Grillo’s Pickles has launched its Sandwich Maker dill slices in unusual tub packaging. While most pickle containers stand the whole or sliced preserved cucumbers inside on end, these packages lay the product on their side, mirroring how they are consumed.

The tubs are composed of clear polypropylene that enables shoppers to see the pickles and whole spices inside. In-mold labeling bears the brand name and old-fashioned graphics. It also allows as much of the product to be seen as possible.

According to Travis Grillo, CEO and founder, the horizontal packaging helps the brand stand out from competing products and preserves quality.

“The majority of pickle brands use vertical jars or tubs, rather than the horizontal packaging, even when packaging flat-sliced pickles,” Grillo says. “Through the use of our new horizontal shape, we’re able to keep each pickle slice fully submerged in brine at all times to keep them fresh for the ultimate crunch and flavor in every bite.”

He added that the shape also makes it easier to stock on refrigerated shelves, and store in consumer’s refrigerators at home. In addition to the horizontal Sandwich Makers tubs, Grillo’s Pickles offers a range of other pickle products in upright tubs, also made of PP with in-mold labels.

Sandwich Makers are available at retailers across the country, including Target, Hy-Vee, Mariano’s and others.