It's All about Retail
Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

CHINASHOP 2019 Magnificently Opens in Qingdao on Nov. 7

From November 7th to 9th, the China Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP 2019) that draws widespread attention meets its grand opening at Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition in Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China.

CHINASHOP, as an authoritative & well-rounded exhibition platform for retail industry, owns both innovative and forward-looking attributes. This time CHINASHOP conjoins Shandong Province, for not only the regional advantages centered on huge scalability of Shandong’s retail market clusters, but also the values that its own platform can derive—providing an all-around presentation stage for the retail industry in Shandong and even across China, whereby further expanding the influential power of retail brands in Shandong, enhancing quality & efficiency, as well as facilitating exchange & communication on every link across retail industry chain, and ultimately mobilizing retail-centric changes and innovation.


(Snapshot of CHINASHOP 2018)

CHINASHOP is a professional exhibition platform, hosted by CCFA—a national industry organization specialized in business chain operations. Ever since launched in 1999, CHINASHOP has accomplished a 20-odd-year journey of development and become an annual specialist exhibition for retail industry.

In 2019, CHINASHOP enjoys a total of 120,000 square meters for its exhibition area, with an estimate of more than 65,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors. At CHINASHOP’s invitation, China's TOP 100 Retail Enterprises, excellent equipment & facilities suppliers inside and outside China, head enterprises engaged on IT technology, local & foreign renowned enterprises in FMCG, ODM & OEM suppliers, overseas goods suppliers, as well as local and foreign featured products suppliers will merge into a confluence, sharing current trends & advanced ideas in retail industry, witnessing retail practitioners’ wisdom & innovation, enabling every link across retail industry to gain impetus, and assisting with entire retail development.

An Exhibition of 8 Themes, Grasps Accurate Hold of Pulse for Retail Development

Thousands of Selective Exhibits Shown, Multiple Experiences & Options Available

8 major themes comprise “National Upscale Retail Brands”, “National Retail Commercial Cold Chain”, “Retail-Oriented Displays Props & Commercial Lighting”, “International Intelligent Information Technology”, “International Retail Well Branded Goods”, and “Retail Fresh Food Processing & Commercial Kitchen Equipment”, in conjunction with the newly added themes in 2019 such as “Intelligent Logistics & Supply Chain Informatization” and “Store Design & Visual Marketing”, covering whole industry chain of retail and providing retailers with a rich variety of solutions & products options.

Highlights worth Sneak-Peek, Events Never to Be Missed

Hi-shop Future Retail Store—Interconnect Scenes to Enable Community Commerce

As futurist retail store model created by CHINASHOP with great effort, Hi-shop, in the form of brick-and mortar store, unfolds the commercial operation models or technical products that run throughout the latest equipment & technological solutions and will be put into place in the 2 to 3 years to come. In 2018, Hi-shop with “Health, Freshness & Future” as themes, was composed of 2 major sectors—“Intelligent Retail Enables Food Safety & Health” as well as “Technology Drives & Enhances Consumer Experience”.

The technological implementation of 5G mobile networks allows everyone involved to re-drill down and re-scale up the values and strategic significance across whole retail industry; likewise, to achieve scene-base commerce is much easier. As a basic module of commerce, community will be the optimal scene that can embody the influence of 5G on retail industry most directly. In 2019, Hi-shop deeply leverages on 5G technological applications to reshape the interrelation of retail-related ones, things and places in community commerce, as well as to re-present authentic shopping scenarios of attracting consumers from online to offline, thereby creating a data-driven 5G+community pop-up showroom featured with integrated platforms and interconnected ecosystems.

SHOP! Contest & Retail Marketing Forums, Scenario Design Creates New Experiences


(Snapshot of SHOP! Greater China Contest Awards Presenting Ceremony)

This year, CHINASHOP specially added “Store Design & Visual Marking” themed area in order to provide the Chinese retailing enterprises engaged on commercial design & visual marketing with more opportunities to make voice & presentation. Moreover, SHOP! Greater China Award Contest has witnessed its third year in a row and its award presenting ceremony synchs at CHINASHOP 2019. By carrying on the accrued experience from previous sessions, 2019 SHOP! Greater China Partner keeps molding “International Retail Environment & Marketing Forum”, exploring cutting-edge retail design ideas as well as new thinking in marketing approaches and brand merchandising.

Multiple Retail Thematic Forums, Masters Gather to Discuss Retail Prospects

Dozens of activities synch at CHINASHOP, including but not limited to forums such as “Commercial Space Design” and “Fresh Food Supply Chain Industry”, as well as Exchange Meeting by CCFA on Application of Cryogenic Technology, Business Connection Conference for Supply & Demand, and Brand Promotion Meeting. At CHINASHOP’s invitation, top management of renowned corporations and senior experts across retail industry will be present to exchange in-depth ideas about the projects that are put into place, explore status and trends of retail industry, and provide retail businesses and insiders with new thoughts of solving pain points and novel playing methods of operational management.


(Snapshot of International Retail Environment & Marketing Forum)

“Gold Ala Awards” Selection & Thrilling Prize Presentation, Witness Honors Deserved

Gold Ala Award symbolizes a bright prospect in retail industry, hoping that every individual and corporate entity in connection with entries or award-winning works could drive up egos, respective dreams and even entire retail industry, in pursuit of flying higher and achieving superegos constantly. In 2019, Gold Ala Award Contest by CHINASHOP sets its full sail again to select and commend the conscientious practitioners contributive to retail cause while encouraging retail-oriented enterprises to contribute to retail industry in an exploratory & innovative way; synchronously, the contest pays great homage to the retail fellows who keep mutually supportive relation and advancement with CHINASHOP.

CHINASHOP is not merely an integrated exhibition platform for upgrade and iteration of retail-related products, technological application and solutions, but also a fortune mine field for searching the development trends of retail industry and more specifically, a grand occasion where everyone that engages on retail cause converges into an iconic and influential conflux every year. With the curtain for CHINASHOP 2019 set to rise, we are looking forward to getting together with you at Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition on November 7th.