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Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

How To Reopen Retail Stores And Malls

 Many retailers are operating at partial capacity, which means there should be room to keep your distance from other shoppers. But remember to limit what you touch and pick up. 




Dave Gilboa, cofounder and co-CEO of Warby Parker, still wants people to be able to try on eyeglasses on in-store, but now they’ll have to put up with some supervision. Only two to three customers are allowed in its smallest stores, and they will be escorted by an employee who will sanitize each pair of eyeglasses before and after each wear.

There’s a new protocol for eye exams, too. Instead of filling out a paper intake form, customers can fill it out on their phones. Employees will be able to take eye measurements via an iPad or iPhone, without needing to touch the customer’s face.

“The intent is both to prevent as much transmission of the disease as possible, but also to make customers and employees feel as safe as possible and let them know we have thought about every piece of the process,” says Gilboa.


Don’t enter a busy store where there doesn’t appear to be any effort to limit the number of people inside. It could be operating in violation of capacity limits set by local and state officials.


Now is a good time to take advantage of customer-friendly policies, like curbside pickup and extended return periods. The sales aren’t bad, either.