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retail expo|Amazon debuts app for palm payment registry


The Amazon One app can be used to enter various locations, identify individuals, pay for items and access loyalty rewards.The Amazon One app launched on the App Store and Google Play Store on March 28, allowing customers to sign up for the retailer’s cont

retail expo|Guangdong 7-Eleven Accesses Meituan Delivery, Over 3,000 Kinds of Commodities Accessed for Drone Delivery


On 3 April, Guangdong 7-Eleven and Meituan Drone officially reached a cooperation, more than 3,000 kinds of commodities in the convenience store access to drone delivery, including nearly 100 kinds of 7-Eleven fresh food commodities.

retail expo|HungryHome Releases Instant Retail Industry's First Merchant AI Business Tool


"Your AI data manager, help you do good business together!" Recently, the Hungry Momma retail merchant SAAS platform "soar elephant" for retail industry merchants officially released "AI management assistant" function. Through this new business tool, merc

Retail Trade Fair|Walmart letting businesses tap into its route optimization tech


The move to sell its proprietary AI-driven software contributes to the retailer’s business diversification strategy.Walmart is selling its proprietary artificial intelligence route optimization technology to businesses seeking to reduce their transportati

retail expo|Jingdong Hourly and Yunmi Home Appliances Reach Strategic Cooperation, Will Innovatively Launch Home Appliances "Delivery and Installation" Service


According to retail expo, the leading smart home brand Yunmu whole-house smart home appliances and Jingdong Hourly signed a strategic cooperation with Jingdong Hourly, the instant retail platform of Jingdong, and Jingdong Hourly became the first instant r

retail show|Ali international station to increase the semi-hosted logistics: additional special lines, the launch of a number of central warehouses


A few days ago, Ali international station said, this year will open B2B logistics line, and partnership partners to build logistics ecology, and further enhance the logistics efficiency and certainty of B2B semi-trusted services.

retail show|Boxma's Nanjing supply chain centre goes into production, will cover 35 shops


After 2 years of construction, the supply chain centre built by Boxmart in Nanjing was officially put into operation this month. According to retail show, the supply chain centres built by Boxma in 8 cities across the country have all been put into operat

retail expo|Inside Walmart’s ‘Adaptive Retail’ Era


First, Walmart sells more groceries in physical stores than any other retailer in the United States. Second, Walmart sells more groceries online than any other retailer in the United States. With those facts in mind, where could the company’s seemingly bu


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