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The Fascinating Ways Warby Parker Uses Artificial Intelligence and AR to Change Retail (by Bernard Marr, sourced from Forbes)


Warby Parker uses the latest artificial intelligence and augmented reality technology to provide customers with an extraordinary experience.

Where’s the beef? Walmart knows (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Wal-Mart is developing an end-to-end supply chain for Angus beef by working with what it calls “best-in-class” cattle ranchers, feeders, processors, and packagers.

Shopify eases brick-and-mortar transition with new hardware offering (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Shopify’s new collection of retail hardware offers multi-channel inventory management, secure payments, and a consolidated back end that connects directly with a merchant’s online store.

Kohl’s eliminates omnichannel friction (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Kohl’s looks for cloud services that support building applications to automate deployment, scaling, and operations, as well as using monitoring capabilities to track metrics like response time.

Tech Viewpoint: Amazon vs. Walmart – The battle of AI-based future store strategies (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Amazon and Wal-Mart have different visions of how artificial intelligence will shape the “store of the future.” As to whose approach is more preferable, time will tell.

Social commerce 2.0: artificial intelligence detects purchase intention (by Elena Blume, sourced from iXtenso)


Choosy analyzes fashion trends on Instagram – and redesigns them

Does Ikea's 1st urban location take a page from the DTC playbook? (by Caroline Jansen, sourced from RETAIL DIVE)


Ikea unveiled a small-format store, enabling customers to have a one to two-hour appointment with Ikea associates or explore the space in "self-planning" areas. One glaring difference is: consumers won't be leaving the store with any products in hand.

Up Close: Inside Samsung’s high-tech, immersive ‘Experience Store’ (BY BY DEENA M. AMATO-MCCOY, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Samsung has opened a permanent store, where customers buckle into an interactive motorized VR chair and snap on an Oculus VR headset to explore one of six 4D experiences fueled by Galaxy devices.


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