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Walmart adds nearly 4K robots to stores (by Caroline Jansen, sourced from RETAIL DIVE)


Walmart announced that there would be nearly another 4,000 robots put into use at its stores. While it remains unclear whether robots will replace a significant number of human jobs, it appears the implementation of the technology isn't slowing down.

Walmart to acquire ad-tech startup Polymorph (By Chantal Tode, Sourced from RETAIL DIVE)


Cloud-based ad tech will help brands that sell through e-commerce platforms streamline the process for targeting audience segments based on shopping behavior, serving ads and tracking the results through a self-serve automated platform.

Consumers already becoming complacent about subscription products (By Allison Yano, sourced from the American Genius)


The subscription model has been a lifesaver for legacy brands, and lifegiver to new startups, but how will consumer fatigue impact the model in the long run?

Mintel announces top global packaging trends for 2019—implications for consumers, brands, and manufacturers (sourced from Mintel)


Connected packaging is witnessing renewed interest. It is likely to see that fast improvements will be made in recycling facilities. The 'unboxing' experience and sustainability will propel box reinvention.

Canada Goose in store expansion (BY MARIANNE WILSON, sourced from Chain Store Age)


It is reported that Canada Goose plans to open a few new stores, which will feature a “cold room,” where shoppers can test out Canada Goose products amid a range of different temperatures.

Gen Z app makes shopping a party (BY DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Aimed at Gen Z consumers, Dote is introducing a new feature called “Shopping Party,” designed to recreate the experience of shopping in a mall with friends via mobile device. Shopping parties enable a group of KOLs to livestream with their followers.

The great outdoors – online and for rent (BY DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Coozie Outdoors is launching a rental platform, which allows customers to rent more than 100 outdoor products from 40 brands, starting at 15% off the retail price, with delivery anywhere in the continental U.S. Each rental includes a free return label.

Food platform offers home chefs ingredients for online shopping (BY DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Customers click “shop now” and the matching ingredients can be ordered for pickup or delivery from a local retailer of choice. Customers can also build a meal plan for the entire week, swap out products before checkout, compare prices, and delete any ...


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