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Fourteen retailers expanding in 2021


Not all retailers are downsizing their physical assets in the wake of the pandemic. Far from it. So far this year, retailers in the U.S. have announced 3,199 store openings and 2,548 closures, according to Coresight Research (per CNBC). In 2019, retailers

Consumer confidence at three-month high in February


Consumer confidence rose in February amid the vaccine push and as Americans grew more optimistic about the economy — and travel.

The best U.S. retail loyalty programs are…


Partnering with global research firm Statista, Newsweek has compiled the 2021 ranking of America's best loyalty programs based on the results of an independent survey of more than 4,000 U.S. customers who are members of loyalty programs of retailers or se

Amazon, Reliance, Walmart And A Billionaire Battle To Dominate Indian Retail


India’s Supreme Court handed Amazon a lifeline Monday [Feb. 21] in what may be Amazon’s last stand in a fight for India’s vast retail market. The stakes could hardly be higher in a billionaire stand-off between Amazon boss Jeff Bezos and India’s richest m

How digital transformation has left retailers vulnerable to cyber-attacks


Walmart perks up Coke promotion with drones


Report: Amazon plans new ‘last mile center’ for Massachusetts


Amazon is reportedly opening a supply chain hub focused on the last leg of home deliveries north of Boston.

Amazon goes on offense against controversial products, content


Amazon is using a combination of automated and manual review of products and content on its site to flag and remove offensive items.


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