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retail expo|Burlington to open its biggest distribution center


The retailer is building a “highly automated,” 2 million-square-foot facility to support its growing store footprint.Burlington Stores is planning to open a 2 million-square-foot distribution center in the Southeast in 2026 as it looks to grow its store f

Retail Trade Fair|Best Buy to use generative AI for virtual assistant, customer support experiences


The tech will help with customer service, including troubleshooting product issues, managing software and rescheduling or combining order deliveries.Joining the generative AI wave, Best Buy has partnered with Google Cloud to introduce a generative artific

retail expo|FMI: 57% of shoppers purchase produce from mass retailers, supercenters


While traditional grocery stores are still the top outlet for purchasing fresh produce, mass retailers and supercenters are gaining market share, with 57% of shoppers purchasing fruits and vegetables from them in 2024, according to FMI — The Food Industry

retail expo|Exclusive: Google Debuts New Retail Media Solution with Lowe’s as First Beta Tester


Google wants a bigger piece of the traffic driven by retail media advertising. To start getting it, the tech company has launched a new offsite retail media solution in closed beta. Lowe’s has signed on to be one of the first retailers to test the soluti

retail expo|Tmall Supermarket Offline Existing Membership Services on 1 April, Actively Preparing for New Rights and Benefits System


On 20 March, Tmall Supermarket announced that from 1 April, it will officially go offline the existing membership services.

Retail Trade Fair|Mingkanghui Fresh Food Bazaar in Sipailou Market, the first new type of retail business in Jinhua


For Jinhua people, Sipailou Market is both a gathering place of fireworks and a synonym for a good life, and on 8th March, Mingkanghui Fresh Market was officially stationed in Sipailou Market, which means that Mingkanghui and Jinhua Market Development Gro

Retail Trade Fair|The development trend of the department store retail industry, showing these 6 aspects


Department store retailers are cautiously optimistic about 2024, according to a joint survey by the China Department Store Commercial Association and Fung Group Li & Fung Research Centre. 66.3 per cent of surveyed companies expect sales growth in 2024, bu

retail expo|Amazon debuts app for palm payment registry


The Amazon One app can be used to enter various locations, identify individuals, pay for items and access loyalty rewards.The Amazon One app launched on the App Store and Google Play Store on March 28, allowing customers to sign up for the retailer’s cont


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