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Global luxury retailer focuses on customer with cloud migration (BY DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Cloud-based merchandising applications enable to analyze historical data and current market demands as well as to enhance business decisions, provide a unique customer experience and help obtain real-time visibility into all customer-related details.

Walmart Launches Voice-Activated Grocery Shopping (By Krishna Thakker, sourced from RETAIL DIVE)


Experts say voice shopping for grocery has plenty of room to grow because unlike clothing or other products, many food items don't need to be looked at or tried on, and much of it includes replenishment items.

Sustainable Delivery Routes in Neighborhoods-Farmstead plans with customer groups and delivery windows (source from Farmstead)


Via grouping the neighbors who all receive their Farmstead deliveries during the same day and delivery window each week, sustainable routes cut down shipping cost and improve delivery efficiency.

Power Floor: Power Store-Practical Examples of Amazing Flooring Designs (Collected by iXtenso)


"Sales promotion is also a matter of the floor. Take the time for some inspiration and discover different designs - from colorful and patterned to natural and neutral - in practical examples that we have put together for you." (Quotation from iXtenso)

Managing Product Information Successfully-BOGNER hits the slopes with Centric PLM (source from Centric Software)


“Centric PLM has out-of-the-box functionality and can connect and standardize our operations across a variety of areas, including design, merchandising, materials management, sourcing and sales.”

Tech Viewpoint: Three ‘Green’ Delivery Strategies that Save Retailers Green (BY DAN BERTHIAUME, Source from Chain Store Age)


With resources-conserving and cost-effective features, sustainable e-commerce delivery practices can create more than one type of “green” result.

Springing For Purchases: 8 Ways Warm Weather Encourages Shopping -- And Where


Never underestimate the purchasing influence of a daffodil.

Apple launching credit card for smartphone generation


Apple is introducing the Apple Card, which the company hopes will do for credit cards what iPhones did for mobile phones.

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