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Breakthrough tech gives old clothes new life (by Heather McIlvaine; excerpted from InsideRetail)


A Sydney-based company, BlockTexx has found a way to break down poly-cotton blended textiles into their raw materials so they can be repurposed as other products.

Thyssenkrupp presents artificial intelligence "alfred”—AI as an essential component of the holistic digitalization strategy (Sourced from hyssenkrupp Materials Services, excerpted from iXtenso)


Since early 2019 an artificial intelligence solution (AI), supported by Microsoft’s cloud platform Azure, has been integrated into the processes of the largest materials distribution and service provider in the Western world.

Brick & Mortar Borrowed This From Online Retail And Increased Revenue By 5.1% (By Kerry Lemos, Retail Pro International, excerpted from RETAIL IT)


By focusing on and improving their buying online and picking up in-store offerings, retailers experienced a never-before-seen surge in shoppers using the service.

5 ways voice is changing the SEO game (by Larry Alton, excerpted from The American Genius)


As voice assistants take over our lives, you may worry how your SEO fares in this new, uncharted territory. Let’s discuss.

Blockchain Traceability in Olive Oil Supply Chain—Blocksyte and Caroli Share Results of Monitoring Application (sourced from Blocksyte, excerpted from iXtenso)


An application has been used to track olive oil shipment between Italy & the United States, monitoring real-time location, temperature, humidity & light exposure, to ensure that the olive oil was handled under optimal conditions along the journey.

Wall Street sees major growth potential for Luckin in untapped Chinese coffee market (by Maggie Fitzgerald, excerpted from CNBC)


In a tea-dominated culture, coffee is a “highly underpenetrated” market in China. The market has grown from 15.6 billion yuan in 2013 to 56.9 billion yuan in 2018, and is estimated to reach 180.6 billion yuan in 2030.

NVIDIA Launches EGX - An Edge Computing Platform with Multi-Cloud And AI Capabilities (by Janakiram MSV, excerpted from Forbes)


NVIDIA EGX is a unified edge computing stack that can span from the tiny Jetson Nano to a full rack of T4 servers. Customers can start small with EGX and gradually scale to support full-blown GPUs.

Shopping Cart Elite Launches Crypto Store 'Exclusive X' (sourced from Shopping Cart Elite, excerpted from Retail IT)


As an online merchant, Exclusive X offers a wide range of high-quality and price-competitive gadgets and tech accessories. By accepting cryptocurrency, the retailer aims to make its products more accessible to cryptocurrency-holding consumers worldwide.


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