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Retail fair|StockX releases immersive shopping experience for Apple Vision Pro


Joining other brands and retailers in the spatial computing trend, StockX, the Detroit-based sneakers, apparel, electronics and collectibles reseller, has introduced an immersive shopping app for Apple Vision Pro users, the company announced Monday. 

Retail fair|Barcode Intelligent Warehouse Management System: Warehouse Management Solutions for Retail Enterprises


According to retail fair, compared with other industries, retail enterprises are facing more challenges in warehouse management. Facing the problems of goods in and out of the warehouse and dealing with returns, in order to improve the efficiency and accu

Retail fair|The world's most understated retail giant - ALDI Supermarkets, Germany


According to retail fair, Aldi is a German supermarket chain retailer founded by two brothers. Aldi's shops are very small, about 500 to 700 square metres, and the number of individual products in a single shop is also limited, about 500 at the beginning,

Retail fair|Insight into Fat Donglai Supermarket, Insight into the Light of Retail


In the rapid development of the modern retail industry, Fat Donglai has become a bright star in the industry with its unique business philosophy and innovative service model. In order to gain a deeper understanding of the operation concept of this superma

Retail fair|Thrive Market Becomes 1st Online-Only Retailer to Accept SNAP EBT


Online grocery store Thrive Market now accepts SNAP EBT, making it the first-ever online-only retailer to receive USDA approval. After almost a decade of advocacy, this development marks a significant milestone in the brand’s mission to make healthy and s

Retail fair|Walmart's market value greatly exceeds that of Ali + Jingdong + Pinduoduo as US offline retail kills madness


Retail fair learns that Chinese brick-and-mortar retail giants, almost out of sight of the taillights of their American counterparts. The beginning of 2020 to the beginning of March this year, the United States Walmart's share price rose from about $ 35 t

Retail fair|Walmart Sharing AI-Powered Logistics Solution With Other Businesses


Retail fair learns that Walmart is making it possible for other businesses to use its AI-powered route optimization product for the first time ever. With the move, the retailer is aiming to strengthen retail everywhere and enhance the efficiency of the mi

Retail fair|Amazon Begins Using Humanoid Robot Workers


In a nondescript Amazon warehouse near Seattle, employees recently encountered the future of work: a 5-foot-9-inch robot named Digit. Designed by Agility Robotics Inc., Digit resembles a human but walks akin to a bird, with glowing white eyes. Its singula


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