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Sephora’s winning customer experience formula (by Nadee Bandaranayake, excerpted from NRF)


A customer can get their skin scanned to find the foundation matched for their skin color. Makeover sessions in stores are captured in a digital makeover guide, where store associates can scan each product used for later reference and one-click purchase.

Rothy’s formula for success (by Nadee Bandaranayake, excerpted from NRF)


Shoes that are comfortable, stylish and made sustainably from recycled plastic, combined with the convenience of being machine-washable means wearers can look and feel good while building accomplished careers.

Retail's Best Brand Loyalty Program (By Valentyn Kropov, SoftServe; excerpted from RETAIL IT)


It is not enough to simply have a loyalty program—it’s imperative to have one that provides value and reflects the company brand. True customer intimacy comes from engaging in a sustainable and mutually valuable relationship.

Network infrastructure: The key to retail modernization (by RON KJELDEN AND JESSICA MOK, excerpted from Chain Store Age)


How can brick-and-mortar retailers strategize and invest in digital to keep pace and continue to meet consumers’ ever-increasing expectations for personalization and convenience? The hints are contained in the text content.

Ocado plans to pack up fragile fruit and vegetables with robotic 'soft hands' (by Tom Macaulay, Computerworld UK; excerpted from techworld)


Robots could soon be packing up fragile objects without causing damage. Researchers used the principle of "environmental constraint exploitation" to create an orchestrated interaction between the robot, the object and the environment.

Retailers growing produce in automated farms—A plug-and-play method to grow clean, healthy food (Sourced from GP Solutions, excerpted from iXtenso)


Urban farming aims to produce local fresh food within close proximity to meet demand, all while using less natural resources. In this respect, GrowPod is a modular, scalable indoor micro-farm with a perfectly controlled environment.

Amazon brings lipstick try-on to customer phones (by DAN BERTHIAUME, excerpted from Chain Store Age)


Amazon is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)-based AR technology from ModiFace to enable its first virtual cosmetic try-on experience, whereby making it feasible to try on different shades of lipstick in a live video of themselves, or on a selfie.

Smile please! How to showcase products with amazing photos—Quick guide to product photography (by Vernen Liebermann,; excerpted from iXtenso)


It is eyes that decide whether something is ordered or not especially in e-commerce era. That’s why product images and descriptions that showcase the product’s features are the most important elements in an online store.


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