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Attracting customers to your retail store: location-based marketing—Right people, right place, right time: getting your customers' attention (by Jana Wiedemeyer, sourced from iXtenso)


Once a customer is near the entrance of a fashion boutique, marketers deliver personalized promotions via hologram. After the customer has entered the store, the nearest sales associate greets the customer by the name and much more than this follow.

Invisible Data's Impact on Retail (By Clark Richey, FactGem; sourced from RETAIL IT)


How can a retail company with a significant IT program fail to capture critical data? How critical data can affect businesses, what can we do about it?

Ikea expands mobile AR preview offering (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Reportedly, Ikea will launch a new augmented reality (AR) app that enables users to enter the dimensions of rooms in their homes, and then place realistic digital images of home furnishings into virtual representations of those rooms.

Appian Delivers No-code Integration to Automation Anywhere for End-to-End Intelligent Automation (sourced from Tech World)


Appian, a leader in low-code application development, today announced availability of a no-code integration between Appian and Automation Anywhere, a leading robotic process automation (RPA) platform.

Report: Amazon really, really wants to know consumers (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


According to Bloomberg, internal Amazon documents indicate the company is developing a voice-activated, wrist-worn device that would recognize the wearer’s emotions by analyzing their voice.

Facebook is raising funds to launch a cryptocurrency (by Allison Yano, sourced from The American Genius)


Facebook is getting into the game of blockchain, which could eventually be a move that impacts the business world.

New innovative hybrid POS solution for small businesses (Sourced from Posiflex)


Posiflex presents a new innovative Hybrid POS solution for small businesses

Location data analytics spurs Hooters growth (by DEBBY GARBATO, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Location analytics was the accelerant in this growth spurt at the 300-store chain—Hooters, which uses the intelligence to troubleshoot existing stores and share the findings with franchisees and managers.


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