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Facebook is raising funds to launch a cryptocurrency (by Allison Yano, sourced from The American Genius)


Facebook is getting into the game of blockchain, which could eventually be a move that impacts the business world.

New innovative hybrid POS solution for small businesses (Sourced from Posiflex)


Posiflex presents a new innovative Hybrid POS solution for small businesses

Location data analytics spurs Hooters growth (by DEBBY GARBATO, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Location analytics was the accelerant in this growth spurt at the 300-store chain—Hooters, which uses the intelligence to troubleshoot existing stores and share the findings with franchisees and managers.

Sonic hears its customers with AI and voice ordering (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Sonic Drive-in is upgrading the drive-thru experience with AI & voice assistant technology. Consumers arriving at the drive-thru will be prompted to order from the voice ordering assistant, which will integrate with a dynamic menu display.

460K accounts accessed in Uniqlo Japan hack (by Kaarin Vembar, sourced from Retail Dive)


It is said that Fast Retailing, parent company of brands including Uniqlo, GU, Theory and J Brand, announced on Monday that customer accounts on the Uniqlo Japan and GU Japan online stores were accessed by hackers.

Google boosts shopping capabilities across search, images and YouTube (by Robert Williams, originally published on Mobile Marketer, sourced from Retail Dive)


A revamped Google Shopping experience launched this week, providing new ways to find and compare millions of products from thousands of stores, and to buy them online, in a nearby store or directly on Google. Is it a “fight back” signal to her rival?

Swedish Distillery Creates First Whisky Designed By AI (by Felipe Schrieberg, sourced from Forbes)


Working in collaboration with Microsoft and Fourkind, a Finnish technology consultancy specializing in AI spearhead projects, a Swedish whisky distillery Mackmyra releases the first ever whisky, a single malt, designed with machine learning.

Google to measure environmental impact of fashion (by Heather McIlvaine, sourced from InsideRetail)


Google announced a new pilot project to help fashion brands measure the environmental impact associated with the production of their raw materials, including water and pesticide usage in the production of cotton, and deforestation to make viscose.


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