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Nike aims for perfect shoe fit with tech rollout (by Cara Salpini, sourced from Retail Dive)


You can't 'just do it' with shoes that don't fit. A new feature employs computer vision and the user's smartphone camera to scan a customer's feet and come up with a digital foot morphology.

Banana Republic votes for synchronized merchandising (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Banana Republic is obtaining a clear view of merchandising activities through deploying Oracle Retail Merchandising Cloud Service and Oracle Retail Integration Cloud Service, powered by Oracle Cloud infrastructure.

Online grocer applies machine learning to shopping lists (by DAN BERTHIAUME, sourced from Chain Store Age)


Farmstead is turning shopping lists into a highly targeted promotional tool with predictive analytics by introducing a new feature called Smart Shopping List that goes beyond recommendations to predict what customers need.

How Amazon innovates (by Jo-Anne Hui-Miller, sourced from Inside Retail)


When Amazon comes up with an innovative idea, it doesn’t first consider whether it’s financially viable or even makes business sense – the teams work backwards by pretending it has already launched a new service and released it to the world.

Ikea’s first small-format store has no checkouts (by Heather McIlvaine, sourced from inside retail)


Ikea Australia officially opened its first small-format store, where customers can book one-on-one planning sessions with staff to design their dream kitchen or bedroom storage solution.

Down to Shop bets on custom video to sell products (by Lisa Rowan, sourced from Retail Dive)


A far cry from the curated images of many social media advertising campaigns, Down to Shop—an iOS app embraces absurdity to try and engage customers with bright colors, bold hosts and cheeky scripts.

A cable and grid free revolution in retail design (Originated from MAGNWALL, Released on Retail Focus)


Without the need for screws, wires, batteries and grids: lights, LED merchandise and any device that includes the patented MAGNWALL connector are able to receive energy and power up as soon as they make contact with any MAGNWALL surface.

Succeeding in Retail is All about Experience—Here's What That Means (by Steve Dennis, sourced from Forbes)


“Experience” is not in saying but in thinking and doing. Please chew on the topic sentences, “Treat different customers differently.” “Take a human-centered design approach.” “Focus on memorable.” “Avoid ‘lipstick on the pig’ syndrome.”


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