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CHINASHOP 2016 Exhibition Profile


Exhibition Overview

The 18th China Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP 2016) has been ended successfully at Suzhou International Exhibition Center. With the theme of “Consumption Upgrade, Cross-border Integration, New Retail Landscape in Formation”, this year’s CHINASHOP brought a variety of advanced equipment, technology and ideas for retail industry, which presented a wonderful event which combined the traditions with modern technologies to all participants.

CHINASHOP 2016 has made lots of breakthroughs from various aspects. The show space has exceeded 80,000 sqm for the first time, there were more than 700 exhibitors participated this event. According to the international standard booth size (3m*3m), the booth number has reached to 3,229, which increased 15.6% compare to the last year. The growth rate was the highest among all the similar expositions, which ranked No.1 in Asia.

What’s more, CHINASHOP has attracted more than 45,000 professional visitors during three-day exhibition period, overseas visitors has grown substantially as well.

CHINASHOP 2016 Exhibition Report

1. The Number of Booth and Exhibitors Statistics for CHINASHOP 2014-2016

According to the international standard booth size (3m*3m), the booth number has reached to 3,229, which increased 15.6% compared with 2015 (the booth number was 2, 793 in 2015).Compared with 2014, the increase rate is 48% (the number of booth was 2, 181). CHINASHOP has maintained the two-digit growth rate for two years.

There were more than 700 exhibitors participated in this year’s CHINASHOP, compared with 2015, the growth rate is 5.5%, and increased by 33.6% compared to 2014.

The exhibitors of equipment suppliers and IT suppliers have the highest growth rates, up to 29.1% and 27.3% separately. These two categories have become the main force of CHINASHOP.

2. Commodity Categories for CHINASHOP 2016

3.Visitor Statistics for CHINASHOP 2016

CHINASHOP 2016 has served more than 45,000 professional visitors during three-day exhibition period, pre-registered visitors were nearly 40,000. Compared with last year, both of the two numbers have increased nearly 50%, the attendance rate for pre-registered visitors was 77.55%. According to the analysis, CHINASHOP visitors constituted for the following categories: visitors who were from management level accounted for 54% of the total number, 24% were from purchasing department, technical department visitors occupied 10%, and 5% of the visitors were from sales department.

4.Overseas Visitors

As CHINASHOP had done much oversea marketing promotion this year,foreign visitors’ number has largely increased. Reuters, PR Newswire, Asahi Shimbun and other famous media have all reported this grand event. The visitors have grown proximately 300% than last year. Attendees which came from USA, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Denmark, France, Singapore, Thailand and other 40 countries have visited CHINASHOP. Among them, the top 5 countries of the most visitors were Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea and USA. CHINASHOP’s influence has extended to all over the world, and it has become more and more international.

CHINASHOP 2016 Global Marketing Report

This year’s CHINASHOP has made the greatest effort ever to do marketing promotion. In order to maximize the promotion effect and increase the chance of advertisement reaching the effective audience, CHINASHOP formulated a long-term and rhythmical annual marketing plan at the beginning of 2016. Combined with traditional public relation dissemination, we adopted various new media promotion methods.

We not only chose the traditional news media to release authoritative information, and also use some online broadcast, community marketing and key opinion leaders (KOL) to promote exposition. This kind of integration method can help CHINASHOP present to more targeted audience, and enhance the exhibition’s interactive experience.

Thanks to the effective marketing plan, CHINASHOP has obtain lots of attractions from retail industry. The official website visits exceeded 1 million times, the followers of WeChat and Weibo increased nearly 100% than before. We have issued a total of 713 press releases through news media, and exposures were more than 800,000 times. The covered media included ifeng.com, JRJ.com, chinanews.com, china.come.cn, 163.com (NETEASE), sina.com, etc.

In the terms of social media selection, CHINASHOP had chose Linkshop.com. Retail world, Ckreview, Shangretail and other 20 famous and professional media account to promote before the exhibition started. All the articles have reached 500,000 views in total. In addition, CHINASHOP has cooperated with huajiao.com, yizhibo.com, renren.com and other online broadcast platforms to live stream the on-site event, more than 500,000 audiences watched the streaming.

For Chinese retail industry, the year of 2016 is a year full of changes and opportunities. The 18th China Retail Trade Fair has presented a splendid industry feast in a short three-day exhibition. With the fusion of advanced technology, traditional retail will be consequently radiant again. The next year’s CHINASHOP will be held on Nov. 2-4th, in Chongqing. Let’s meet in 2017, CHINASHOP is looking forward to meet you again.