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Biometric technology in the intelligent lock of a new era


Smart door lock as the entry of the smart home products, a popular in recent years, each big giant to join in them, not only are pouring into many capital.As the verification mode has become increasingly diversified, intelligent has become an inevitable trend of the development of the locks. Is intelligent lock outbreak in 2017 year, especially in the second half of the year.Smart door lock as the entry of the smart home products, a popular in recent years, each big giant to join in them, not only are pouring into many capital.Intelligent lock has become one of the hottest keywords smart home field. Why smart locks and fire?Smart locks, and intelligent household heat is different, because the smart home is still stays in the conceptual phase, and the intelligent lock has come a hype phase, and were walking into the ordinary people.   

Then why do smart lock industry so hot? On the one hand is due to its huge market capacity.In China, intelligent locks the penetration rate of less than 3%, that is to say, the future will have 97% of households have consumption upgrade may;At the same time, with the advent of the era of fine decoration, smart lock pre-installed market capacity to be reckoned with.On the other hand, the trend of The Times.Intelligent has become an irresistible trend, so the intelligent lock to replace mechanical lock will also is a kind of inevitable trend. In the past two years, smart home entrance has always been a subject of debate.But after a few years to tear spell, the growth of the space has gradually become narrow.And in contrast, intelligent lock is still a mining blue ocean market, is not really strong brand, has a great development space. Application in the field of artificial intelligence, as it were, in the smart locks, realize the seamless connection between the people, machines, systems and communication, let the door has a basic judgment and ability to learn, so as to realize intelligent application.This is one of the advantages of smart lock, more intelligent, more security, of course, in addition to the blue ocean market, intelligent lock also has the traditional mechanical lock does not have intelligence advantage, such as biometrics.

We know that the way of biological recognition technology has a fingerprint identification, face recognition, finger vein recognition, pupil recognition biometric a variety of ways.At present, the froming lock the entrance guard system on the market are mostly adopts read CARDS or fingerprint authentication method, but the two authentication methods are unsafe. In addition, like facial recognition, although convenient nor safe.Like someone to see you before I came you, intelligent lock automatically scan your face after opened the door, at this point, everyone can freely in and out of the house, it is very embarrassing.Face recognition has not been popular, but technology is not mature, a heart person with a photo can muddle through facial recognition is very unsafe. But with the development of biological recognition technology, large-scale popularization in face recognition, the cost will also fell sharply.May be alone at that time, face recognition against hacking or other security hidden danger. In biological recognition technology is not yet ripe for the present, to better improve security, related businesses are starting to enable facial recognition technology + smart card this dual authentication mode.First need to smart IC card or ID card verification, validation through after verified face recognition, face recognition validation through after, can open the door.As the verification mode has become increasingly diversified, locks intelligent has become inevitable.