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The United States in February retail sales than expected Spot gold rush back


On March 14, global foreign exchange - on Wednesday (March 14), has been hailed as a "terrorist data"The United StatesFebruary retail sales recorded - month rate 0.1%, before the value from - 0.3% to - 0.3%, predictive value of 0.3%.American core retail sales month posted a 0.2% in February, former value revised to 0% from 0.1%, predictive value of 0.4%.Released at the same time the PPI month posted a 0.2% in February, before the value of 0.4%, predictive value of 0.1%.

Reuters commented that as reduce motor vehicle purchases homes and other big-ticket items, U.S. retail sales monthly rate for the third consecutive month of decline (three losses for the first time since April 2012), indicated that economic growth is slowing in the first quarter.Even household spending still is boosted by strong labor market, but its also supports the expected decline in U.S. economic growth in the first quarter. Bloomberg commented that U.S. retail sales decline in a row, family buying fewer cars and other big-ticket items is one of the factors, which suggests that the United States in the first quarter of economic growth is slowing.Accounted for more than two-thirds of U.S. economic activity, consumer spending slowdown at the beginning of this year, apparently, but spending is still strong support for the labor market, in addition to tax reform will be a boost to consumer spending. As for the PPI data, Reuters that offset the decline in commodity prices rising spending on services, the United States in February on PPI rate performance is slightly better than expected.Potential of the retail price of solid support up inflation will rebound this year.

Economists expect the labor market tightening, a weaker dollar. Market analysts pointed out that if the U.S. retail sales data better than expected, may save the recent weak dollar bulls;On the other hand, the weak data results will lead to the federal reserve this yearIncreases in interest ratesFour expectations are weakened, and enlarge the growing potential trade war fears, negative pressure so as to increase the dollar.At the same time, the U.S. stock market will also be in a larger decline, and may prompt non-us currencies, including the euro, the pound rebound more robust recovery. The data,Spot goldBack after short-term higher, at $1325.66 an ounce.The dollar index fell, last at 89.66.