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Learn About Retail Customer Loyalty Rewards Programs


A Customer Loyalty Program is a marketing tool used by all types of businesses to motivate repeat customers by offering some type of reward system. Because of the prevalence of Customer Loyalty Programs used by the largest U.S. retail and restaurant chains, customers have come to expect some type of "bribed loyalty" offer. Find the definition of a Customer Loyalty Rewards Program, along with examples of current successful loyalty programs running in retail and restaurant chains here. Also get info about the benefits of building a Customer Loyalty Program to the retail or restaurant chains that use them. Why customers join loyalty programs? Customers join loyalty programs primarily to receive discounts and earn freebies.

 For the most active users of a customer loyalty program, working "the system" to maximize the rewards received is both a challenge and a source of entertainment. Some customer also like the exclusivity of being a member of "the club." Members-only products and services make them feel important and special.