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Against amazon: wal-mart patent application for a number of agricultural unmanned aerial vehicle (uav)


Recently, wal-mart to applied for 6 patents, the United States patent and trademark office to promote agricultural production automation.These patents include the use of unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) for crop pollination and pest prevention, detection crop health, etc.
Wal-mart itself and not into the plan of agricultural production.Therefore, wal-mart could sell these patents to cooperative farm, in order to improve their production efficiency.This may bring to consumers more fruits and vegetables supply and a lower selling price.
A senior analyst said: "I think, are helpful to improve the efficiency of farm produce, is helpful to wal-mart.These patents allow them to forecast the supply of agricultural products, and the corresponding adjustment measures."
"The analyst also said that "they have to invest in improving the overall technology, to improve their productivity.They should not only enhanced, not only is oneself in the status of the last link of the supply chain, and enhance their position in the first link."