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The Fusion of Tradition & Modern, the Collision of Idea & Technology - The 18th China Retail Trade Fair Ended Successfully


On Nov. 5th, the 18th China Retail Trade Fair (CHINASHOP 2016) has been ended in Suzhou International Exhibition Center. With the theme of “New Retail Landscape in Formation”, this year’s CHINASHOP brought a variety of advanced equipment, technology and ideas for retail industry, which presented a wonderful event which combined the traditions with modern technologies to all participants.

CHINASHOP 2016 has made lots of breakthroughs from various aspects. The show space has exceeded 80,000 sqm for the first time, the booth number has reached to more than 3,200 standard booths. What’s more, CHINASHOP has attracted more than 45,000 professional visitors during three-day exhibition period, overseas visitors has grown substantially as well. Except for those critical data, CHINASHOP has also presented following characteristics: 


1. Advanced Technology converged in CHINASHOP

In recent years, Chinese physical retail has faced numerous challenges. While most of the retailing enterprises have started to spend time on self-reflection, and tried to seek for transformations. As a leader of Chinese retail industry, CHINASHOP has always been devoting to and providing support for the transformations of retail enterprises.


During the opening ceremony, we adopted dancing robots and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle which attracted a great number of visitors and received lots of admirations. In addition, the future experience store of CHINASHOP, Hi-shop, introduced various latest technologies and equipments that retail industry concerned the most, such us RFID data collect system, eGate intelligent security system, onmi-channel cash register, etc. Those applications brought more inspirations and thinking for retailers to better understand their consumers, better analyzing store operations and even building their own database.


2. Domestic and overseas well-known companies gathered together, integrated solutions became mainstream topic

Nearly 700 enterprises from all over the world gathered in CHINASHOP 2016, which included FMCGs, commercial equipment, mobile POS, refrigeration and logistics, commercial design, security and protection, weighing apparatus, IT solutions, future trend products and foreign commodities. Exhibition range covered over 10 areas and more than thousands of products displayed in CHINASHOP. Exhibitors included lots of retailing famous brands, such asCoca-Cola, P&G, Intel, Haier, Zebra, Wanzl, Datalogic, Hisense and etc.


It is worth mentioning that the integrated solutions have become the mainstream for this year’s CHINASHOP. Faced with the fierce market competition and the impact of new industries such as E-commerce, the single devices or products in the past were unable to meet the growing purchasing demand for retail companies. To solve the problem, various exhibitors (Danfoss, Panasonic, etc.) started to launch their own integrated solutions. Those solutions contained multiple options for equipment, technology, store decorating and energy conservation. It could help retail enterprises to improve their store operating capacity, to save operating cost significantly, and to gain more advantages in the market competition.


3. Followed by industry hot spots, professional activities were irritable

Aim at the current industry hot spots, CHINASHOP organized a series of forums and conferences, and invited several powerful guests as well. Important conferences included: The Way of Regional Retail Development Salon for 3rd and 4th Line Cities, the Secret of Building Energy-Efficient Stores Salon and Supply Chain Forum which related to energy-conservation, logistics and other professional topics,Overseas and Featured Commodities Matchmaking and so on.


Besides, CHINASHOP has also cooperated with many professional enterprises and organizations this year. During the exposition, CHINASHOP has worked with Intel to hold “Frontier Forum of Intelligent Retail Industry”, and “Next Age Retail Summit” with GWC. Industry leaders and powerful guests shared their point of views on the scene, all of the forums and conferences were well-attended and full of audiences. For those who could not attend the exposition and conferences scene, CHINASHOP has partnered with live video streaming platforms to enlarge the impact throughout the country.


For Chinese retail industry, the year of 2016 is a year full of changes and opportunities. The 18th China Retail Trade Fair has presented a splendid industry feast in a short three-day exhibition. With the fusion of advanced technology, traditional retail will be consequently radiant again. The next year’s CHINASHOP will be held on Nov. 2-4th, in Chongqing. Let’s meet in 2017, CHINASHOP is looking forward to meet you again.