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Relationship between traditional retail and e-commerce



The only way for traditional retail companies to integrate online and offline.
Rich physical business experience, relatively stable consumer groups, large supply chain, and many professionals who are familiar with consumer psychology and habits. But these have become a cornerstone in the field of e-commerce. When developing e-commerce, the concept of offline is copied. However, entity management and network marketing are very different. Supply chain and logistics distribution will change. Traditional marketing channels are very strong and suddenly enter the e-commerce field. The expansion of national channels is not obvious. Many companies only use online sales as an extension and supplement of physical stores, and online and offline have not taken the path of differentiation. In addition, cost pressure and lack of specialized talents also hinder the development of traditional retail enterprises.
  It is necessary to have accurate construction and operational modes of operation in the introduction of professional talents, etc. There are systematic systems and plans to operate with real e-commerce ideas. To truly realize the integration of business on the first line, it is necessary to lay a solid foundation for talent team building and basic support.