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Cross-border cooperation innovation to meet the national tea industry development situation in 2017



Tea industry economy in 2017?What effect to the development of industry this year?Recently, China tea marketing association, wang told reporters in an interview, .Improvements in domestic market, further enhance consumers younger degree;Exports frontal affected by international good record;Two firms of fusion development speed.But he also warned that the macroscopic development situation is not clear and the influence of the policy level,;To inventory task is still arduous, transformation and upgrading of traditional channels to be;In terms of the concept of old and new, will take time.This form is still not optimistic.
Financial control to strengthen the investment growth to slow investment
With policy surface strengthening financial regulation in 2017, the tea economy is under the influence of what respect?"Controls to let foreign financial capital investment growth slowed significantly.During the year, more than 30 tea most of the suspended from trading in the financial transaction platform, internal rectification."According to the analysis of wang qing, in terms of infrastructure, the government as the leading "small town economy" construction projects are built around in;Equity trading market, listed in 2017 12 tea, less than in 2016 four;At the terminal consumption level, mainly returnees white-collar investment booming modern tea shop.