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"Area" under the opportunity, cross-border payments into a new battlefield third-party payment


In recent years, our country actively promote reform of the supply side to adjust the structure of the domestic economy, at the same time vigorously developing foreign economic exchanges.
State-led and folk spontaneous cooperation projects have sprung up, business visits and personnel exchanges between China and the increasingly frequent, lead to the economic cooperation between relevant countries, cross-border business development rapidly.
The current domestic third-party payment market structure is the basic, able to survive in market enterprises generally can be divided into three segments:
1, the giant is given priority to with C end consumer market: Matthew effect is very obvious, the market can last only a handful of survival.Alipay and tenpay wealth win basically no suspense, strength and share on the housetops.Cloud of other players, unionpay flash pay it is said that the past performance during the 2017 double 12 is very "amazing", but can maintain long-term growth, palate, from their mouth larger share remains a question.
2, mainly services group internal business departments, many enterprises of internal business volume is very large, as long as understand their own business, even without a foreign business is enough to live well.Apply for or buy pay the license plate in the enterprise, holding the similar idea of not a few, like new, suning, gome, etc.Rather than they are in the third payment enterprise, group internal departments in charge of payment.Excellence of performance should be a safe one purse, relying on ping an group resource advantage, market share has in recent years, is not easy.
3, B side oriented enterprise technical services: as for the other third-party payment enterprises, or for vertical market segments, or to the technology service transformation.While vertical segment will also be affected by the user habits by giant penetration, is not a long-term solution.Yeepay pay strategy is determined to transform, on the revenue no longer entirely dependent on transaction fees, technologies and services revenue is becoming the new revenue and profit growth point, and layout in finance, marketing or related field, from third-party payment enterprises to finance has been basically achieved the transformation of science and technology service provider.
In fact, the enterprise service market profit margins than third-party payment handling charge is much higher, due to large change suppliers the opportunity cost of making business is relatively stable.Is the current domestic market is not yet fully grown up, this is the shortage of the current market, but also the future business opportunities.After has the enterprise users, third-party enterprise not only can obtain corresponding technical service fee income, also will bring their part of the payment business.
"Neighbourhood" policy of good opportunity is rare, especially such as cross-border payment market opportunity is not often.Many independent third-party payment enterprises should seize this rare opportunity to enter the enterprise service market, accelerate the pace of enterprise transformation, become a core competitive power of the Internet financial service providers.