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2018 China ten big trend retailing outlook - iteration rather than the alternative



1, online began to placeholders
Retail nature is delivering value to pass three things: information, capital and logistics.
You go to the supermarket to buy cooked food, for example, look at the color, smell, taste feeling good, calculating the price, feel can accept, through a series of experience, you get the information flow;When you make the supermarket staff to the cashier, after weighing packaging, this process is to flow;The process of your own home is logistics.
By the age of the Internet, electric business platform to display images and text, is the flow of information.You make a purchase decision based on these information, use pay treasure payment process, is cash flow.After payment, the seller choose a Courier company delivered to your home, complete logistics.
Both online and off, the buying process can be salvaged for information flow, cash flow and logistics.
Retail is the essence of the combination of information flow, cash flow, logistics, all three of the business entity shop because of the limitation of business efficiency, are tied together, and can help from each other;But now these three things are separated, for cost reasons, offline display information earn more and more difficult to be spread, this time, the online will be back to take.
Online placeholder prompted new retail, box Ma Xian born online placeholder product again.
2, brands, to open the shop will be more and more
Based on possible future online placeholder again this logic, offline distributors to open shop will be less and less, and brands to open the shop will be more and more.
Do you want to buy when you try them on, I found online cheap, will buy online.Online mall also belongs to the brands, therefore, buy whatever you online or offline, brand manufacturers will benefit.At that time, what brands pay rent, the appearance of the is the cost of brand value.So brands will not have to put the display cost, calculate the difference in offline to sell products.
If the stores will no longer be responsible for sales, stores and commercial property relationship will change.To buckle point system for the business model, in order to sell goods for the core of the market, will be more and more, because selling goods is not store the main appeal.As online prices tend to be more balanced, show and experience to become the main appeal of the store.This is what brand chamber of commerce intensify open a shop.
3, big companies will launch more no one shop
No one shop show real objects, that is information flow.The payment is cash flow.Taking goods leave after purchase, consumers themselves to complete logistics.So in these three things, no one shop and ordinary shop and no difference.
No one shop for the supermarket operation information, capital and logistics, have no a bit of refactoring.The only difference, is only human.Without the cashier, operating costs will decline, in theory, with the decrease of commodity prices also.But "no" may also be additional leads to some problems, such as the safety of the goods, loss, etc., need artificial to tally, cost does not fall.
No one store in information flow, cash flow, logistics, there is no essential change only in cashier section reduces the labor costs, but also can bring some of the extra cost, therefore did not bring great efficiency for the retail industry.