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Food conveyor industry in our country should take the path of scientific and technological innovation


At present, China is facing the conveyor industry science and technology era, in this era of rapid development of science and technology, our country conveyor production enterprises should change development model, taking the path of technical guidance type, with innovative ways to have a certain share in the fierce market competition.Food conveyor in daily production and processing enterprises to save the production and processing cycle, greatly improve the efficiency of the daily production, food conveyor can make each production processing link very coherent, widely used in the food production process. Now in the transitional period of social and economic development, our country enterprise conveying machinery equipment manufacturing is still given priority to with small and medium-sized enterprises, and small and medium-sized enterprise the overall technical level is not high, there is still a disadvantage of low price competition between each enterprise exists, this not only makes the conveying machinery equipment industry product added value and brand value is reduced, and can make the industry development in the direction of the negative.

Further, such meetings make conveying machinery equipment manufacturing enterprises in our country no core competitiveness in the international market, less powerful incentive for customers to create demand, so the enterprise to make a scientific and technological innovation, constantly improve their ability to innovate, to improve the conveying machinery equipment product technology content. Environmental protection, energy saving, high efficiency mode of production is no longer the development direction of other heavy industry industry, is the vast number of small and medium-sized transport the inevitable developing trend of mechanical equipment manufacturers, enterprises between big and small, should be open communication channels, to speed up the cooperation strategy, change the internal environment and the operating conditions, through the introduction and imitation, attract funding, to carry on the independent innovation, through the global procurement way to complete the transition towards the world, and to establish a global technical support system and sales network, in the industry cluster effect, under the principles of the competition of technology innovation, make industry to build a more perfect consciousness of innovation environment, make the development of further improved.

Now more and more enterprises know to use resources reasonably, because to reduce waste of resources can save production costs for the enterprise, is a big advantage of enterprise in market competition.And we only by constantly improve the competitive advantage of enterprises can make the enterprise development in the direction of the ideal. Thus it can be seen that the food conveying machinery industry in our country should be the development of science and technology innovation road. Our conveying machinery equipment manufacturers only increased investment in technology, change development train of thought, structure pattern of industrial innovation, can achieve the efficient in the virtuous cycle of sustainable development.