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Type of Business Equipment Manufacturer,IT Supplier,Merchandise Producer,Commercial Design, Cold Chain & Logistic, Other.

Booth reservation

  • Booth Type
  • Raw Space
  • Shell Scheme
  • Dimension Area
  • Above 36sqm
  • 9sqm
  • Rentai Fee
  • $300/sqm
  • $330/sqm
  • exhibitiors Construction & Decors
  • exhibitiors are required to pay for it
  • N/A
  • Total Rental Covering
  • Booth Space Only
  • A 3-side vertical enclosure panel
    (2.5 meters in height);
    a lintel with company name on;
    carpeted floor within booth area;
    a locker;
    a folding chair;
    a socket in specification of 5A as rated current/220V as rated voltage.

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Ms. Zhao
Email: zhaoyz@chinashop.cc