It's All about Retail
Nov. 7-9th,Qingdao, China

Why Visit

CHINASHOP aggregates a constellation of retail-related enterprises which are specialized in mobile payment, intelligent management, integrated solutions and equipment manufacturing as well as hardware & software supplying, thereby presenting trend-setting pictures about Smart Retail Cause, nationally and even internationally. Additionally, CHINASHOP offers visitors golden opportunities to engage with the Chinese top-notch retail enterprises and gain in-depth insights into the mainstream orientation of intelligence-powered retail.

At CHINASHOP is there a series of professional forums and conferences for every participant to explore, discuss and capture cutting-edge information as well as trend-setting moves of retail industry, locally and globally. In addition, CHINASHOP encompasses meet-and-greet banquet, business networking and interactive communication, thereby enlarging every participant’s social networks while benefitting one another’s business prospects.

General Information

Opening Time

Online Registration for Visiting CHINASHOP 2019

The online registration portal closes on October 31st, 2019. Henceforward till opening period, anyone that intends to visit can apply for admission ticket at the site of CHINASHOP 2019 from Nov. 7th to 9th.

Directory of Exhibitors


Forum & Conference

Forum on New Supermarket Scenarios & Application of Green Energy-Saving Technology

13:30 p.m.-16:30 p.m. Nov. 1st (Thu.), 2018   Meeting Area of Hall 8

As green transformation of retail format develops, retail enterprises gradually start paying more attention to the holistic strategy of their respective green operation and the influence of mitigating climate change, and placing the two issues on the key ...

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Forum on Efficiency Revolution to New Retail

10:00 a.m.-12:30, November 2nd, 2018   Hall 9

The forum on “Efficiency Revolution to New Retail” will be held on the morning November 2nd, synchronously in the opening duration of the CHINASHOP 2018. Any enterprises which symbolically propel new retail or any enterprises which typically represent new ...

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Supply Chain Matchmaking Conference

Nov.1st, 2018   Meeting Area of Hall 3

Currently, chain retail enterprises and brand owners are carrying out the attempts to achieve digital transformation. In the process, they have confronted with many same or similar pain points and difficulties, which emerged as new problems that even ERP ...

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2nd International Retail & Marketing Forum

Nov. 1st-2nd, 2018   Meeting Area of Hall 7

The forum is co-organized by CHINASHOP & SHOP!. Famous designers from France, British and the United States will get together with domestic designers, presenting and sharing the latest commercial designing trend and ideas. ...

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Commodity Promotion & Introduction Conference

Nov. 1st (Thu.), 2018   Meeting Area of Hall 2

The purchasing specialists from more than 100 enterprises and the local and overseas premium suppliers converge there, keeping in a close connection with spectators as well as exploring and discussing the hot topics related to retail such as procurement o ...

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