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Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

Beijing strives to create a “new retail city”


Chinashop will be held in Kunming from November 1st to 3rd
Beijing has joined the “New Retail City”. The reporter learned from the 5th Beijing International Trade Fair that Ali will use the new retail and new technology to promote the innovation and upgrading of the capital consumer market, enhance the quality of life of the citizens through multiple formats, and bring the new retail from an innovative business model to a real life. the way.
Beijing has entered the era of service consumption. The reporter learned that in the field of consumption, Ali will use new retail technologies, such as big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, etc., to cooperate with the new consumption areas of the capital to create a “new retail city”.
Yan Ligang, director of the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce, said that Beijing, as the domestic consumer market agency, has taken the lead in breaking through the “one trillion” city, the scale of consumption has been expanding, and the consumption structure has shifted from commodity consumption to service consumption. In 2017, Beijings service consumption has exceeded commodity consumption, accounting for more than half of the total market consumption, reaching 51.3%.
At present, Ali New Retail has formed a new lifestyle in Beijing. Among them, “Tmall Supermarket One Hour” opened in Beijing and has covered thousands of “Tmall Community” in the main city. Tmall smart mother and baby room has landed in Beijing Dahongmen Yintai. In addition, the “Tianzi No. Plan” will revitalize 117 Beijing old brands, and Box Masheng will also open 30 more on the basis of the original five stores.
Consumption has become a new driving force for urban economic growth. According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first quarter of this year, the contribution rate of Chinas consumer spending to economic growth has reached 77.8%. Various localities have also introduced policies to promote consumption upgrades.
“New retail” has become the focus of hot discussion, and the reporter noticed that many places began to lay out the “new retail city”.
For example, on May 28th, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce and Alibaba Group signed the Memorandum of Comprehensive Deepening Cooperation in the Field of New Consumption, Deepening the Government and Enterprise in 12 Aspects: Creating a Map of Convenient Living Services, Promoting the Opening of New Retail Formats, and Building a Smart Logistics System. Cooperation to promote innovation and upgrading of the capital consumer market. Shanghai also recently announced the launch of eight projects of “Shanghai Shopping”. The first is to develop new retail to promote new consumption.
The construction of “New Retail City” also recruits talents for urban development. According to the report “Alibaba Retail E-commerce Platform Employment Absorption and Driving Ability Research (2017)” released by the Research Group of the School of Labor and Human Resources of Renmin University of China, in 2017, Alibabas retail ecology created 36.81 million jobs.
In this regard, Chu Yin, professor of the Department of Public Administration of the School of International Relations and vice president of the Institute of Digital Economy, believes that the “new retail city” is a city that will invest in the next decade and will be the largest strategic highland for urban development.