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Convenience store is trying to manage drugs


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In recent years, several convenience store groups in Japan have been striving to expand their pharmaceutical operations. By the end of April 2018, Rosen convenience store had 180 stores operating drugs, and by March 2021, it was planned to expand to 900 stores. Luosen’s president, Mr. Takeuchi, said that we had asked customers what products they wanted to sell, and customers would very much like our stores to sell pharmaceuticals.
There seems to be no hard barriers in terms of the system. So, what is the main problem affecting convenience store operations?
A major issue is the “Registration of Traffickers” professional qualification requirements. According to the law, in the case of a convenience store, for example, in a 24-hour business, 12 hours should have a person who has the qualification to log in to the seller. If you want to get the qualification to log in to the seller, you must have a drug for 2 years. Sales experience before you can take the exam. In this regard, Rosen’s Minister, Mr. Sugawara, said that three people with qualifications for drug sales were on the job one day, and the pressure on the company’s manpower policy arrangement was too great. By February 2018, Rosen had organized 350 drug sales qualification exams, with 1,100 participants and 600 qualified students. In 2018, 70 training sessions were organized. The trainees were mainly franchise store owners and employed housewives. As the difficulty of recruitment increases, the employees are older and the difficulty of qualification examinations increases.
Another problem is that it takes two years of experience in drug sales. For a job with a large liquidity in a convenience store, the two-year period is too long, and the average employee may not be able to stay for two years. If it is said that the time required for the experience of the industry is shorter, the number of people who may pass the examination will be more, and the number of convenience stores that operate drugs will be more.
The convenience store of the whole family is opened in combination with the drug store. The qualification requirements for pharmacists and registered salesmen are relatively easy to satisfy. The drug store can also share the traffic of the convenience store and share with each other. This is the best way to achieve the best of both worlds. It is the intrinsic demand for the convenience store combination of convenience store and drug store.



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