It's All about Retail
Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

Historical retail revolution


Retail development
The history of technology and retail has been alternating in parallel. After the second industrial revolution, the retail industry entered a simple and extensive stage, marked by department stores. The first information revolution, represented by e-commerce, business super, convenience stores, shopping centers appeared. The second information revolution was the deep integration of the retail industry with mobile shopping, mobile payments and online and offline brought by the mobile Internet wave.
A well-recognized view is that the retail industry has experienced three retail revolutions in department stores, supermarkets, and chain stores, which is the years that Shangchao, represented by Yonghui Supermarket and Yintai Department Store. But there are also different interpretation angles. For example, Yan Yanchun, the author of the Third Retail Revolution, sees this issue from a global perspective and an online and offline combination.
He believes that the first retail revolution can be called the Wal-Mart era. Through the global private satellite network, Wal-Mart has connected the global physical stores to complete the retail chain revolution. Until today, Wal-Marts retail status is still difficult to be shaken.
The second retail revolution was marked by the rise of Amazon. Through the PC Internet, Amazon connected the global commodities and completed the revolution in the retail e-commerce.
The third retail revolution is the revolution of consumers. Consumers have become the center of the world. With new technologies such as mobile internet, social media, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, etc., all-weather, omni-channel and personalized customer groups have been born, they span time and Space can be connected instantly and in real time.
It should be said that these two evolutionary analysis methods have merits, but they are all one-sided. They have not considered the mighty Chinese Internet process. The giants represented by Tencent and Ali are in cloud computing, payment, and advertising. Even the pan-entertainment IP has profoundly affected the retail industry.
Including Yonghui super species, box horse fresh and so on, are all attempts to become a retail benchmark. The SoLoMoMe model predicted by Yan Yanchun (ie social social + local localization + mobile mobile + personalized personalized) will gradually become a reality. This is precisely the attack of the Internet giant in other fields, and the unconsciousness of the retail industry has brought new opportunities.