It's All about Retail
Nov. 19th-21st,Shanghai, China

Who is the protagonist of retail upgrades?


The protagonist of the retail upgrade is still the consumer, the reference coordinates of the retailer should be the user, not the business model, the novel concept, or the cat according to a sample.
Two “small stores” were opened at the entrance of the park, one is the unmanned supermarket in Auchan and the other is the Rosen convenience store.
The unmanned supermarket has about 18 flats, and the number of SKUs is about 500. I watched it for an hour nearby. Only one person went in and bought a bottle of Coke, which was far less exciting than the day of the opening.
The Rosen convenience store is about 60 square meters, and the number of SKUs is about 1,500. There are thirty or forty customers in an hour, and the amount of consumption is generally more than 10 yuan.
In view of the big environment of retail upgrade, Auchans unmanned supermarkets and Rosen convenience stores can be classified as “new retail”, but from the perspective of ping effect, the unmanned supermarket that is more in line with the “new retail” concept seems to Eat dumb loss: from scanning the code to opening the store to shopping, then to check out, it takes about 3 minutes, or in the absence of queuing and no technical problems, and only 1 minute in the Rosen convenience store next door.
Relatively scarce SKUs, lame shopping processes, and the cost of cultivating user habits are largely unpopular. The slogan of retail upgrades has been called for more than two years. We have seen the new vitality of the retail industry, but there have also been many failed cases of putting the cart before the horse. There are always some problems.