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Apr.19th-Apr.21st,Chongqing, China

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Big Brands Start To Cancel New Stock Due To CoronaviruS


Amazon Primed: What Coronavirus Really Means For Amazon, Prime Video Throttled, Alexa Listening To Locked Down Lawyers


While Many Stores Are Closed, Some Retailers Are Winning Big With High Demand From Coronavirus


Agenda for Events that Synch at CHINASHOP 2019—the 21st China Retail Trade Fair (Venue: Qingdao Cosmopolitan Exposition)


An agenda list of events that synch at CHINASHOP 2019 emerged. With this list, you can preview what happens in duration of CHINASHOP 2019 so that you can lead ahead in hunting for the events of your interest. (Read More to Click & Download IT)

Unfold Parts of Ecosystems Existing in Alibaba’s Global Headquarters (by Uptin Saiidi, excerpted from CNBC)


Located in Hangzhou, China, Alibaba’s global headquarters is home to more than 20,000 of its 100,000 global employees; however, it’s more than just a corporate campus. It’s an incubator for all things tech.

POS in the Cloud: The Networked Checkout—On the Possibilities for a Cloud-Based Point-of-Sale-System (by Konstantin Gergianakis, MS POS GmbH; excerpted from iXtenso)


Today, POS no longer simply means ‘Point of Sale’ but ‘Point of Service’. A software system needs to be able to process huge amounts of data more quickly and access a customer’s data from anywhere, and more ….

CHINASHOP 2019 Magnificently Opens in Qingdao on Nov. 7


CHINASHOP—an authoritative & well-rounded exhibition platform for retail industry for its innovative & forward-looking attributes, enjoys a total exhibition area of 120,000 square meters with an estimate of more than 65,000 visitors and 900 exhibitors.

The Amazing Ways How L’Oréal Uses Artificial Intelligence To Drive Business Performance (by Bernard Marr, excerpted from Forbes)


L’Oréal operates its own technology incubator, a group that operates like a start-up but focused on where beauty and technology meet. L’Oréal adopts AI-powered digital skin diagnostic, mobile app for makeup try-on, intelligent brush for hair-care etc.


Partners & Benefits

Oriented to media channels and data analytics enterprises as well as guilds or industry associations/organizations/institutions, the partnership launched by CHINASHOP is aimed at allowing every partner to engage with their targeting audience as well as creating interconnected networks, whereby propelling one another’s business extension nationwide and even worldwide.

Key Benefits from Partnership

1. Gain Accelerant Growth Engines contributed by new subscribers & advertisers
2. Acquire Golden Opportunities to display print/digital publications at CHINASHOP
3. Win Favored Chances to maximize brand exposure before and during CHINASHOP
4. Meet with Potential Clients at CHINASHOP-powered platform
5. Enjoy Priorities for Branding Activities at CHINASHOP-required events.


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