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Retail technology expo|India's version of swipe payment: disrupting tradition and leading the world! Modi shows swipe payment novelty technology!


After Prime Minister Narendra Modi demonstrated the Indian version of swipe payment technology to France, this new payment method has attracted global attention and appreciation. The payment method enables real-time money transfers by scanning a QR code p

retail show|Online Payments in Vietnam - The New Technology Track


With the Vietnamese government's policy to promote cashless payments, online payments in Vietnam are growing rapidly, with people increasingly using services such as QR codes, e-wallets and bank transfers in their daily lives. New technologies are becomin

retail show|Supermarket Fresh Supply Chain Upgrade and Digital Operation Transformation


Retail show learns that traditional supermarkets focus on two types of commodity services, fresh and non-fresh. And fresh food is just in demand, with high-frequency consumption scenarios. Some data show that in a week's time, 44% of consumers will go to

retail show|Retail industry "old city transformation", only this road


In 2024, many entity retailers feel particularly difficult, the Spring Festival peak has passed, many enterprises sales gross profit double drop, performance data basically for the whole year to determine the tone. Peak performance is unfavourable, everyo

retail show|The Future of Retail: Building Trust is Key


In today's retailing, what is most lacking is the word "trust", and some enterprises even seriously lack the "three trusts": self-confidence, other trust, and mutual trust. The reason why Fat Donglai do well, I think it is also a "letter" word, Yu Donglai

Retail technology expo|Lumina Intelligence launches Retail Navigator insight tool


Retail technology expo learns that Lumina Intelligence has launched Retail Navigator, a business intelligence tool that offers insights on UK retailers.Previously known as Prospect and delivered by Retail Week, Retail Navigator will now be powered by Lumi

Retail technology expo|The Next Wave of E-Commerce: buywith Introduces One-to-One Live Shopping, Transforming Online Retail into Personalized Experiences


According to recent surveys, a staggering 67% of online shoppers yearn for a more personal touch in their digital shopping experience.  Retail technology expo learns that buywith embarked into a new era of ecommerce with the launch of its One-to-One Live

retail show|Retailers are finding more of what they want off mall


After decades together, some retailers are redefining their relationships with malls. Stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s, Belk and J.C. Penney have long been seen as pillars of stability for America’s indoor shopping malls. But in recent years, those retailers


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